Monday, February 06, 2006

The Red Day

happy chinese new year everyone!

i know i had been missing in action.
i apologise for not updating cause im really occupied lately.....and i sleep at 2,3,4 am regularly.
what do you expect...its form4.
softball training, handball training,entertaining thian hong's phone call, football training, kesatria, tuition ahhh hate mentioning it causes me headache.


jade tam jhia li had just left m'sia for aussie land.
before chinese new year, she held a party that happens to clash with ying xian's farewell party at wai hong's place.
i attended jade's party because she informed me bout it much earlier and my buddies are there.
and i definitely have no foul reasons for not turning at wai hong's place.hope theres no misunderstanding please.

we have undoubtly yummy food at jade's place.
then we happen to hav a camera and filled with boreness....

try me.
he tongue-d him[Gosh!My tongue is f*cking long!]

wow.good job khy li.what do you call it....oooh yah "berdikari"hehe

while we're patheticly trying to entertain ourselves by taking photos of ourselves, sootho is having a private sweet time with his boyfriend.

he's a happy boy im totally envious


i would say i had the most adventurous chinese new year ever.

1st day:
went to teluk mom's from teluk intan.i just find out that rui zhen and grace's hometown is in teluk intan as well.and dina's dad was born in teluk intan and only shift to kuala kangsar later on.
what small small world it is.
my mom has 6 brothers, 2 sisters[ aih wish it was like last time when you can produce as you like and have less worries...unlike today....expensive medical fee and so on.....]
most of my aunts and an uncle are uncle will send me good tatabahasa notes all fresh from teluk intan when he gets hold with it.
den i visited a fishing village where houses are by the sea and all ur shits flow straight to the sea water called Sungai Tiang.
i asked them...
where do i throw dis packet of chrysanthenum ?
they pointed..back, back...
when i went back i could not see any waste basket..
then only i realised ...we just throw straight down the muddy area and the water will wash them away when its high tide.
haha i was being such a good citizen by keeping all the chocolate rappers and packet drinks to myself and throw in a proper bin when i reached civilization.

2nd day :
still in teluk intan when all my uncles and aunties left and went elsewhere...there are some who went singapore, kuantan, kelantan, taiping and etc.did my chemistry homework .=P

3rd day:
nobody's around and i did some magic tricks to entertain my baby cousins.haha.and im still working on my chemistry homework.=p.
it was my bro's bday and we celebrated it.hes 17!cant wait for him to drive me around .=P

4th day:
that day was actually working on my physics homework...and yes im still at teluk intan and i know im wasting my angpau-collecting-days at teluk intan.
so i actually went to get bus tickets so that we[me and my brother] can return back to KL early.if not, my mom's gona hang around at teluk intan til brother wana go back cause he wants to go tuition.-.=.wanted to take the ever convinient Transnasional, but they run out of i bought other company's ticket.d bus started its journey at 6pm and it was a 3 hours ride in that pathetic bus.
when me and my bro arrived in KL, we walked to Pasar Seni LRT station.i was all relieved that everything is going well.reached Kelana Jaya LRT station at 10+pm...and walked home in the dark.
actually, the main point of me coming back is the outing at tropicana with jade and all on thurs.
but that outing was brought forward to the next day.

5th day:
thian hong called me to go out with him and demanded the Fatt Choi spirit.then, he said wai hong's mom asked us to join them for a "Yee Sang" session.
so, i waited for him at 6....till the clocks hits 7...then 8...
i called him several times and all he replied was
"coming ledi coming ledi."
that boy made me so hungry, i treat myself mr potato.yes, from 6 till the time he arrives.9 something.
we walked to wai hong's house...and wonder why is it so quiet...went in and found out that none of wai hong's parents were in.
what happened was the Yeoh's thought we are not joining they went off..FORTUNATELY theres food at wai hong's house and thian hong couldn't stop munching on the fried "Nga Ku".
then...thian hong called that we could visit him and in the mean time to collect angpau=P.


Hallooooo Jesse!Gong Hei Fatt Choi!can we come visit you now?[its 11++pm]
Now?kay la kay la.who's this?
Thian Hong..
er i busy lah.
haiyo so last minute...
HAIYOOOOO me and mengleong are oledi on our way ledi!
let me talk with mengleong.
Hello jesse.gong hei fatt choi.
gong hei fatt choi gong hei fatt choi.
Hey is it okay if we come visit you.....
[ThianHong in the background."WE"RE ON THE WAYYYY LEDIII"]
kay la kay la.

-the fact is we're still in wai hong's house.....-hahahahha

[last year, siang,thian hong,and me paid jesse a visit on chinese new year too but he was like shoo-ing us away while his mom told jesse he shouldnt treat his friends like that and she welcomed us in instead.]

thats how we got it.thian hong then wanted to visit daniel and gave him a call too but daniel didnt want any visitors=P

thian hong then asked jesse to join me to sleepover at his house.
jesse got to cheat his mom cause his mom don't let him take cab and we're taking cab to thian hong's house.jesse boy boy caused his mom so worried and she kept on calling him...and his mom actually when to check on him after he left the house...its really bad to cheat our mom when your mom is so caring.
so, jesse,thian hong and i played firecrackers at d Bu1.heard some loud sounds?it was us.haha.
then we hav Nasi Goreng USA for supper.
felt really bad cause the next day...we're going swimming with unpresentable bodies>.<>

woke up at 10++.d tropicana outing was at 11am.i wake thian hong up at 10 but he insisted its too early.
he said his mom will be able to fetch us to tropicana....when he asked her in the morning, she gave him a negative reply.then he was like...lets walk.BU to Tropicana?
then i thought of jade, and wonder if she could ferry us to tropicana...found out that aunty farah fetching the bunch of kids to tropicana, so she said she can pick us up.thian hong and i went mcdonalds near centrepoint to have our breakfast.then, ching called.

"Meng Leong, could you get me tampons from Gurdian?"

i was like...what the hell is tampons...then i went Gurdian and told the sales person there that "i need tampons."

hope she note that im buying it for my female friend.=P

"Regular size tampons with the smallest packing."

notice jane was holding the packet of tampons?=p

then we reached tropicana.
changed and practically started going to the pool at noon.blazing hot sun.
the guys was swimming at the big pool, while the girls are splashing water at the lower pool.we secretly made a bet that sersiang cudnt last more than 5 minutes at the big pool with only guys there.
damn true, he was never-stoping suggesting that we should go to the lower pool and have some splashing goodtime with the girls[man we sound like a bunch of perverts]
and yes, he jumped into the girls pool in less than 5 minutes.good job siang.try harder next time.
than he was taking fardina's WH scarf and wearing it and pose like some Greek God.hahahahahaha.[good try gain siang]
our diva got to leave early as she has busy schedule and on friday its piano.
then it goes like this.we all[adrian,jade,ching,khy li,siang,thianhong and me] sat jane's dad's car so that he could fetch us all to taman megah.
note that its really really crowded.this is mainly because sersiang wanted to visit esther badly.but as soon as we reahed there, we found out that esther aint home.after hanging around at jade's place, we went bayu timor for lunch.[if ur going bayu timor, u got to try the rojak and ice kacang.its really really nice]
after that we stop a cab so that jade and ching can go home but as younh ladies, its we cramped 5 people in the taxi and thee taxi dude just charge us extra.
after dropping jade and ching, we asked the taxi to fetch us to seksyen 17.
so that we can visit weiguan and jane
that taxi dude dunno wheres seksyen 17 so we direct him.
as we reached the toll near seksyen 17, we werent sure of the, sersiang just asked the taxi dude u turn u turn.
great , the u turn brough us back to kdu.and we were still wondering an the taxi dude said hes busy and he got to drop us now.
GREAT, we drop at kdu and the charge is 15 bucks.
then, EVEN GREATER, we walked to wei guan's house from kdu..
kdu --> seksyen 17
we gone so frustrated, theres even river on our way to seksyen 17.
walk like forever...and finally, reached wei guan's yummy house. not that its made from cookies and candies, its "yummy".
played cards...
and then i called jane and asked her to join us..she just stay nearby and she wanted to roller-blade there but it pao cha on her way.
so , she ran back home and ran to weiguan's house.that crazy girl's fast.[faster than siang.hahahahahaa]
she got a wound on her leg that i said it resembles peninsular of m'sia.but she said it looked more like australia.-.=
alright.dark secret unveil.while playing blackjack at weiguan's place, siang was swiping weiguan's coin like know y?he could see every single card she got with the reflection of her wardrobe.haha.
after that me and siang went to jane's house, my plan is to go add maths tuition with her.siang's plan, just follow.haha
while waiting for jane to get ready and all, faye showed us guys in her laptop that she thinks are cute.hahaha
shes goin aussie land anyway, bye faye.
then we went edusmart with siang along.siang waited outside edusmart for us, so that kit weng can fetch us[jane,grace,siang,me] to audrey's open house at Green haven , Damansara Indah.
meet up with some ex-form5s, and had some good time.
we made giant pop pop by opening every small pop pops and assemble all of them into a large one.
then im planing to sleepover at joe's place as siang was with me too.
yi chian fetched joe,siang and me to centrepoint.siang talked with yi chian like their like the closest buddies and went we reached our destination, siang asked, "whats your name ar?"
HAHAHHA[good one siang]
then we walked to BU4 from centrepoint.
[lots of walking huh?=P]
when reached joe's house,we bathe and i was online.siang was reading some sex notes.haha

siang was weird.we got our pillow each, yet he spent his night on my pillow with pillow for 2.loving huh?

7th Day:
then joe's mum[pn. lee] was so nice made us hot milo and fetched us to kelana jaya lrt station cause we had modelling audition at la salle.
met lee min there, found out she's modelling too.
but most of my frens are not modelling cause the O.C. actually asked us to F*ck off.
but i understand though.pressure.haih.

still witing pics from dina so that i could upload them=p


debra fong said...


ehh..WTF!why does my name always have something different!?!?MR SEXY NOW?!?!?!?WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO YOU?????

u numbskull APEK!WHERE'S MY ANGPAU HHUHHH???neva call me for you house warming..BOOOHOOOO.

MengLeong said...

wa.take it easy debra.
i'll come and collect ang pau from u dun wry:)

Nimalan D said...

dude my hometown also telu intan wei

MengLeong said...

haha coolness nimalan.