Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Man. Utd.

According to the current source, most probably the ever-admirable Manchester United will NOT drop by to Malaysia. What the heck?=(

C'mon, their presence to Malaysia could cheer so many oppositions, for example

Guys : Witness first class football right before your eyes, if possible learn some tricks! Get close up with your football idols!
Girls : Check out Ronaldo's ass? Er I meant his great physique.

So I've been pretty unoccupied during this 2 week break, so I've visited ManUtd.com and check out the latest ManUtd news and awesome merchandises.

Casual / Leisure wear ;


Training Top ;


Hooded Top ;

Cuff Watch ;


Full Zip Top ;


Accessories ;

That's sexayy.


I wana watch ;

Blades of Glory ,

Spiderman 3

and Transformers !

im loving this 2 weeks:)


Sabrina said...

Meng Leong!
They're not coming anymore. Maybe its rescheduled I guess. No Roanldo. I've been dying to make my "I'm Portuguese" banner. (woops)

And I love the ring! Makes it so look so much like LOTR!

MooMoo Cow

MengLeong said...


i'm portugese, haha!

yeahh the ring looks good^^.

Anonymous said...

hey meng leong,

now i remember ur page after visiting it again. i clicked on the link when i was going to log into my nuffnang account. now that i've visited friendster, i saw u view my profile and that was how i got to ur page for the 2nd time. i remember the line "it's you that matters."


MengLeong said...