Friday, December 14, 2007

Sri Aman Prom & Damansara Jaya Prom '07.

"The higher the hope, the greater the despair."


Feast your eyes on very formal and good looking people in the following pictures.

Sri Aman Prom was held at Istana Hotel.
The event started late and everything seem so short lifted.
Ironic really, as for a girl school's prom, there are more guys than girls.

DJ boys who attended the prom.

Table 14.

Marshy and I.

& us again.

Me, Marsh, Belle & YongMeng.

As the prom ended, the rest left to drink/home while I returned to the hotel room with Marsh, Belle, Hang, Sherrie and Jeff.

Had a good chat with KarKiat, a guy who's a stranger to cigerattes too, just like me.
Found my species :D.


Jeff and Sherrie returned the room with Whisky, Coke and McDonalds.

I drank for social reasons, but I think, nono I'm SURE I went overboard.
Drunk, I was.

The night was really weird as I felt like I've got no control of my conscious and I did as well as said silly stuffs.

This is what kept us away from thrist. hahaha.

Hang, Belle, Marsh & I :).

A clearer one plus Sherrie taking the picture!

Marsh got excited while I was constipated? :p

She's just following the 'Touch Me' instructions. That girl I tell you.

I was just drinking er, some fizzy drink from McD.
Probably a lil too much of that fizzy drink.


Marsh, you seem like you're having fun. =_= (ALCOHOL IS BAD)

Hang joined in the 'fun'. I've been abused :(. (ALCOHOL IS BAD)


I still have no idea why I was topless. (ALCOHOL IS BAD)

Marsh bit me. It doesn't look that bad, but it certainly felt awful. Told you I've been abused badly :( :(. She's a freaking cannibal. (IT WASN'T THE ALCOHOL, BUT THE ALCOHOL SURE IS BAD)

Marsh and I the following morning reading newspaper.

The alcohol still had its effect on me the following day.

Turned my appetite from bad to worst.
My meal for the whole day;
  • 1 PIECE of Fried Kuey Teow.
  • 1 PIECE of bread.
  • 1 SCOOP of Fried Rice.
I'm still wondering how did it generate enough chemical energy to last me the whole day.


By the way, I just passed my Undang test.
So did Marsh, CheeYen, & Hang.

Belle barely missed by scoring 41 :\.


DJ Prom at Ritz Carlton Hotel.
The prom was awesome blossom.
Everybody looked so good. I couldn't stop looking around checking out how good-looking the people around me are. Yes, I meant the men and ladies.

you have no idea how much I wanted her to be there.

Waiting for WengFai to check in his room at Dorset Regency.

That hotel building is so small but not to mention tall.
The parking lot is a menace to big cars because it is so confined!
Coincidently WengFai and SerSiang are both driving CRV.
Not the biggest of vehicles but CRV s are big.

The Flying Donkeys altogether in formal wear.


Er, Ethan..?

CheeYen & Khai.

KM Loo!

Joe & Dany.

CheeYen, me, Jesse & Roshern.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Khei Sze, thanks for listening to my ramblings :).

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
LiLian's one in a million.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Watch Man. Utd. game soon!

ThianHong & Boon.

YeeWen, nice earrings!

Khai, CheeYen and myself.

Yien-Yien won Best Dressed Award!
You can not doubt the fact she looks stunning ;)!

Jesse, WaiHong, ThianHong, Joe, Daniel & Adrian looking good.

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Nice dress Sarah :).

Rosh & Boon.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dina the After-Party organizer.

Everybody saw Daniel's shuttle-COCK. hahaha.

Huey-Min the Artist!

Hong & Basil.

Was it the food my mom fed me or is it just Alysha's vertically challenged? haha I'm fooling around Alysha!sorry!

Mr. Raj & Mr. Ooi.

Thank you for tutoring me in Chemistry Xin!


The highlight of the prom definitely got to be during the Prom King/Queen nominee game part.
It was hillarious.

The game goes where the guy is suppose to give his girl partner a lap dance, that girl's blind-folded and suppose to remove clothes pin from the guy's body.
Picture that, hahaha.

Congrats Khai and Jane for winning Prom King and Queen respectively!



The Queen and Daniel.

Futsal kaki-s.

Scouts .

To sum it all, the prom turned out better than I expected.
It was good.


After-Party at Mojo Bar was good too.
Well done Dina & MayEe.

Dina, you've got other people who compliment your effort too :).

Although the bar is so confined and they actually ran out of drinks,
but its the company that matters.

Phew, Nicci.!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Natalie Fong :].


The other fun side at Ritz Carlton :D.



On the way back from Mojo to the hotel, I spotted a man lying down on the road with blood all over his body and shaking. He must be suffering in pain. There's a crowd around him and I suppose he got banged by a car or something.Saw an ambulance later on.Hopefully he's in stable condition.

Back at the hotel.
I was feeling sleepy already, while ThianHong amuse himself with my camera.

Oh, meet Tania, WengFai's friend from Penang.
Could see my sleeping away in the background?haha.

According to WengFai, Tania has a hot sister, hot mom, hot grandma.
Hot family huh.haha.

Daniel having his moments at the other chair. haha.

That's a wrap.
Thank you WengFai for the ride and everything!


The following lyrics struck me.

Love is one big illusion I should try to forget
But there is something left in my head

You're the one who set it up
Now you're the one to make it stop
I'm the one who's feeling lost right now
Now you want me to forget every little thing you said
But there is something left in my head

I won't forget the way you're kissing
The feelings so strong were lasting for so long
But I'm not the man your heart is missing
That's why you go away I know

Thats Why You Go Away - MLTR

Not like it matters.

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