Sunday, December 02, 2007

After-Spm Outings.

Phew, so many happenings.

I'm rarely at home.
& what the heck, it's already December.
Let's welcome the LAST month of 2007.

My appetite lately has gone from bad to worst.
What's happening?!


Alright on Tuesday night, I went to Courtyard Garden to have dinner with SerSiang, Ethan, Dina & Steph.

Then, er, the food was not too bad and I like the atmosphere.


Wednesday morning,
I went swimming with YongMeng and SerSiang at YongMeng's club.
Right after that, all 3 of us went to Sunway College to get a better idea what we wanna do in the future.

Met Edwina there.
Not long later, we played futsal with Terry.

How bad can the day be?
Well, very bad.
I pulled my leg back for a hard shot but collided with Eugene Lai.
The pain was so awful I couldn't help but scream in pain.
Stupid me, I continued playing while my conscious tells me it isn't right.


I can't even walk properly.
So, I moved around my house with my butt.
Took 2 painkillers.

That night itself, I meet up with Belle and her frens for a drink at MingTien.

Thanks David of BB for the ride home. Belle, you've got nice friends.


Thursday morning, with that injured leg of mine, I cycled to the HongLeong Bank near the Taman Megah Medical Centre to get 2 free tickets to watch the open-air movie at 1u's Central Park.
The funny thing is I didn't even use the ticket after all the trouble.
I got the tickets for Transformers weih! Yes yes, I'm so left out and have yet to watch Transformers.

Since I can't move around much literally, I sleep most of the time at home.

At night, Jonathan picked some of us up to go Rasta.
All guys outing.
I passed Jonathan the ticket to watch the open-air movie
& YongMeng gave us a little scare by moving around like he's gona faint.

After that we went to the Laundry.

Adrian ordered this?
Flaming Lamborghini.
Not Flaming Flamingo arhh, haha :b


30th November!
My long awaited day.
Haha no, but I didn't sit for Accounts paper.

In the morning, I went to the florist with YongMeng to get a bouquet of flowers.
Then, together with Belle, I went to my Marcia's house to meet Marshy for the very first time, say Hi & ask her to be my date for Sri Aman's prom :D.

Captured moment.

Marshy, I hope you like the flowers.
It was worth while seeing you in joyous mood :).

& your mummy said she's gonna let me try her own-cooked "choi kiok" (the sourish soup soup with salted vegetables & meat) the next time I drop by!
Yumyum :).

After that, we wait for Marcia to dress up and her parents were so nice they dropped us at Midvalley.

We 3 unintentionally dressed up in Red.

Ironic huh, MengLeong can't even walk properly due to his injured leg and he's moving around so much. Furthermore, he goes walk and hangout at the biggest shopping mall in South-East Asia? Heaven for shopaholics, hell for injured dude like me :b.

Soon, Basil picked me up together with Daniel, CheeYen and Jesse to 1u and hang around there to kill time before going Syafiq's party.

Marsh and Belle went to Syafiq's party too.
At Syafiq's place, I confess I officially drank the most alcohol I ever did in my life.
& I did shisha as well.

I hope I didn't do enough to impress God to send me to hell earlier.
That night, I just felt really sleepy.
I blame the long and tiring day.


1st of December.
KheiSze's birthday.
Happy Birthday girl!
Start acting like you're 17! haha :b

Her surprise party was at Marche, pronounced as mar-shay.
Coincidently, ;).
Marshy marshy marshy.

Siang, KheiSze & I.

Group Pichaa.

Let's act lala just for a moment, give face to KheiSze la haha.
What the hell is Ethan and WeiKit doing?

Marshy and Belle was at the Curve too.
Sorry we got to leave early!


WeiKit then brought YongMeng, Ethan & I to see Mr. Yew at his driving school.
So, my driving course will be this Wednesday and I'll be doing together with YongMeng, Ethan, ChoonSeng, Jade & CheeYen.

Home I went, shower and changed.

Attended the Live&Loud Concert at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Park with Marcia, Belle, Thong & WingHang as WingHang got us complimentary tickets.

The lightings and a glimpse of ThongChing's hair. hahaha.

The reception that time was bad. It got Belle lifting her handphone up to the air and running around like a lost Martian trying to contact back her own planet.

Saw Magdalene Thomas and her younger sister there.
Not to forget Adrian, Nigel, Syabil and Shafiq.

The many artists performed included Jaclyn Victor, Anuar Zain, Elliot Yamin, Shaggy, Whitney Houston and some other more.

We took picture with Elliot Yamin. Woohoo!

At a moment, we were next to Adam C and Andy the drummer from Estranged.
Andy is freaking tall weih.

Thong : "Who's Whitney Houston. She legend?"

I personally like Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All and I Will Always Love You. But sadly, she actually ran out of tune several time.

Her performance wasn't too catchy and rather disappointing. She only came out and perform when it's almost 1am?
The anticipation makes us rather disappointed.
She's definitely a great singer, but sadly not the best entertainer around.

Even Belle commented : "This is listening to the radio."

However, Shaggy was GOOD.

You know what else is good?
The company.

Marcia : "I'm obeseee." Yea right! :b

Belle, Thong and Hang. Hahahahaha Belle your pose is so retarded!

Well, Marshy personally likes the "close-to-dying-part".
Marsh, I just brought you closer to heaven, and that doesn't mean you're close to dying ! haha :)

I'm enjoying my holiday much :).


The beautiful smile of yours place my thoughts away.

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