Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Number 2.

Hello, it's clearly I've been missing in action for real long. I point finger to internship, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, running, Twitter, Facebook and 9gag. That's pretty much my life if I'm not out socializing. There have been thoughts of altering my blogging style, from now on I'll blog much less and will try to upload my thoughts. Probably not as interesting as event-blogging but it will be interesting if you're keen to know what's in my noodles ;).

Today I would like to blog about;

# 2
Have you felt as if no matter how hard you try, you always came up short and turn out to be second best? It could be anything, seeking attention from family and friends, achievement in academics or sports, performance at work, or any form of psychological triumph?

Here's the story of my life.

Don't mean to blow my own trumpet, if you know me, you would probably know I'm Jack of all trades, master of none. In running for instance, I've never had total domination or am awesomely good at it, I'm just fairly good. For example, I've trained my socks off since I was 13 till the very last Sports Day aiming to win Gold medals in track events. Participating in 5 events, I got 5 silvers, consistently. Forgive me for ranting, 2nd best is never enough. It was Yong Meng who dominated the long distance runs and then there was Khairil conquering short distance. I was really close to being awarded the school's best athlete in numerous occasions. In a few competitive races, I've won 1st runner up but never 1st. There seems to be always a dude out there who are either more talented, or work harder than you.

 I'm the 2nd child in the family. Heard of the middle child syndrome? Typically the eldest child is the leader, often he has strong decisive qualities that allow him to make firm decisions, probably due to the expectations and special attention given to him by his parents. The youngest child is probably the loudest and sometimes spoiled because they are not much pressured than the eldest. The middle child is then left out, usually not given much attention. This results in the middle child having relatively lower self-esteem and may struggle with identifying their role/position in the family.
Okay, I think I shouldn't continue to sound overly bitter. To sum it up, I believe each and everyone is distinctive in their respective ways. On a lighter note, to everyone who feels insignificant, you're not the only one. Search for your true calling and strive hard towards it, regardless of whatever adverse conditions you may encounter. Cheers :).

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