Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skytrex - Extreme Challenge!

On the second day of the year 2011, I successfully organized a bunch of us to go for Skytrex! After hearing so much about it, Skytrex is definitely in my to-do list! Knowing Lisa is keen on having fun around tree canopies too, so she came and brought along her Sydney friends and I brought the Cengal bunch, plus Yi Ching and Karen :). 

Skytrex Adventures basically eco-recreational acitivities which will take participants from tree to tree (on the canopy!) via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 to 22 meters in the air. Agility, courage, strength are needed to complete the challenges in the sky. But don't worry guys, it's utterly safe!

To go for Skytrex, you've to make reservations and pay via online. Among the routes they have are: 
  • Extreme Challenge RM45 (RM40 effective 1 Jan 2011)
  • Big Thrill RM40 (RM45 effective 1 Jan 2011)
  • Little Adventure. 

However, if you get more than 10 people to go, you're entitled for a 10% discount. There are 13 of us so each of us only need to pay RM40.50 for Extreme Challenge :).
Interested? Visit its official website

Before going for Skytrex located at Taman Pertanian Shah Alam, we went over to Klang to have Bak Kut Teh brunch at Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh. 

Potential Bak Kut Teh Restaurant ambassador ;)
Dried Bak Kut Teh, Yau Char Kwai, Sang Choi, Wet Bak Kut Teh. After having our tummies filled with these scrumptious food, we're energized to for all the climbing and flying fox woots!

Weng Hoe driving us there ;)

Upon reaching, you've to pay RM3 to the reserve forest and there will be a shuttle bus/van/vehicle that will drive us to the Skytrex location. Be prepared for a really bumpy ride.

The good looking couple, Brian Moi and Mei San :)
Myself, Weng Hoe, Slyvester(Quan Yuan's friend that replaced Lilian) and Quan Yuan
Next, we're required to sign indemnity forms, and put on gloves. (You can purchase new ones for only RM3 or use the recycled gloves they provide for free).

& yes, place RM5 deposit if you wish to have a locker for your belongings.

Weng Hoe and Quan Yuan are readeh!
Hi guys, meet Karen :)
Everybody excited!
Harnest and gears will be provided. Don't worry there are crews to help you out ;)
Top (L-R) : Dexter, Brian, Slyvester, Quan Yuan, Sabrina, Kar May, Yi Ching and Karen
Bottom (L-R) : Lisa, Mei San, Weng Hoe, myself
Missing : Li-Jen
All ready with the harnest! Off we go guys!
Took us 2 hours ish to finish, with around 33 obstacles. Can actually finish it real fast but the waiting for one another is what dragged it so long. I was actually kind of shocked as I reached the last obstacle, thinking to myself, "Har, that's it?". To be honest a bit potong la cause I was expecting more.


Upon completion of the Extreme Challenge!

Sab the Hitman
Sab making Quan Yuan and Weng Hoe do the same pose lol.
All smiles :)
In the shuttle bus/van/vehicle that's gonna send us back

These are a few syiok sendiri shots of me.

Ze ladies ;)
Final group picture before we depart :)
Frankly, we definitely enjoyed ourselves, but to be honest, it's not as scary or as challenging as we thought it would be. Would probably come back to taste the Big Thrill, or even cycling around Bukit Cahaya - but not anytime soon :P.


Naruto22 said...

just wanna ask did u guys book or walk in?

MengLeong said...

We book ahead through their website..