Thursday, January 06, 2011

Appreciated, flattered, complete.

I've been going through an amazingly good time this semester break. Countless number of good happenings, too many to blog it all. But I just can not miss saying this. 

Sometimes, good things happen to you when you least expected it. In this case I'm blessed I got to say, I'm utterly flattered.

Karen drew me, now it's framed up displayed in my living hall :).
I never got my portrait drawn, so I was feeling overwhelmed when I first saw the drawing thinking, "WOW it really does look like me right?"

Balancing the qualities of being artistic, athletic to baking, she's definitely one of a kind. It's been really since I last featured someone exclusively on my blog, so Karen, you should feel really flattered haha.


I shall not say further, at the moment all I have to say I'm having an absolutely awesome time lately :).

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