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Malacca 1 Day Road Trip!

Bid farewell to 2010! Usher in 2011! Happy New Year all :D!

Welcome the holiday seasons! It's the time of the year to be jolly as we meet up and catch up.

I've just finished my 2nd year in degree, and preparing to embark on the 3rd and final year. Time to recuperate, after all the energy drained from arduous studying for final exams. Returned from Kampar 2 weeks ago and I can say I'm pretty occupied.

Ah. At last. Decent time to sit down in front of the laptop. I've been all over the place during the holidays, barely have time to shit, literally! From running errands, road trip, meeting up with friends to attending parties. Despite feeling worn out from all the things I've been up to, I can't deny that I'm utterly having an enjoyable period :).

This semester break, I'm feeling really content with how things have been coming along, and the lovely familiar faces I met. I'll probably write other blog posts on the recent happenings.

This time it's regarding the Malacca road trip with Weng Wai, Mei Chern, Christine, MJ and Zhen Yang. The road trip plan was kind of impromptu where we were supposed to go Pulau Ketam? Then after much consideration I simply mentioned, "How about Malacca?" Next thing we know we're heading to Malacca. haha awesome.

Let me tell you how 6 of us are related. There are 2 couples here, MJ Christine and Weng Wai Mei Chern. Zhen Yang couldn't bring his gf so he prevented me from feeling like a lamp post :P. Zhen Yang and MJ are buddies since young. On the other hand Christine and Mei Chern are like in a relationship with each other. The link up is interesting, isn't it :P.

So on the 23rd Dec, we drove approximately 190km south for the sake of good Malacca food!

1st Stop.

Bullock Cart Ride!
The seats of the 'cab' that cost us RM10. This cows sure run on expensive fuel :P. Nothing to shout about, I don't think the ride is worth your RM10 though, such a rip off.
Us taking pictures despite the very bumpy ride xD
Zhen Yang and I with the very obedient bulls :)

2nd Stop : Hoe Kee Chicken Rice at Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street)

Chicken, rice, rice balls. We had much more rice later on :P. Extremely hungry then as we wasted no time and dig in!
MJ and Christine, sweet couple ;)

Weng Wai and MJ checking out those goodies like real tourists do. You would be amused by the amount of random things they bought as they come across throughout the trip.. haha.
Bruce Low :O
Haha MJ with the Divine Rapier
The other couple, Mei Chern and Weng Wai ;)
Haha yes, they really bought these wooden swords :P. Whats with Zhen Yang and weapons.. Haha.
There this is him again. LOL
You find funny funny things along Jonker Street, oh, have you tasted Kuih UFO? Funky name for a biscuit/kuih.
MJ was literally blowing bubbles most of the time haha.

3rd Stop : Jonker 88 Dessert Place at Jalan Hang Jebat

It was crowded :O
2 Durian Cendol, Durian EPC, and the regular cendol :). Savoury but really sweet. Can't take this own regular basis, definitely =X
Group shot! I don't know why we wanted to snap here but we made a guy stand in the middle of the road to take a shot of us lol.
The funky cameraman with really nice hair. Later on, he moved backwards to snap more and caused a mild traffic congestion :P
Ah, the Stadhuys.
The penises of the trip - Zhen Yang, Weng Wai, MJ and I :).
Clashes of wooden sword with a windmill in the background? Confused scene. 

4th Stop : The Ship Museum

Group picture on the ship! RM3 per visit. The ship museum was kinda dull. Not recommended.
Foundation friend :)
WW trying out the vuvuzela he just bought :P. He's planning to wake the Kampar eastlake residents up in the morning with this, haha.
This is me, overlooking a canal :)
WW and I, ahha.

5th Stop : The Jetty 

Scenic view, taken by MJ.
All of us again of the buggy.

6th Stop : A Famosa Fortress

This is me with the 2 Klang buddies :)
Mei Chern and Christine. Sorry guys, both are taken haha.
Smile :D

7th Stop : Tan Kim Hock

Spend around RM50 per person there. The stuffs are not cheap :P. 

8th and Final Stop : Portuguese Settlement.

So many times I visited Malacca, but this is the first time I went to the Portuguese Settlement, small but dense area filled with Portuguese. We went at the right time, close to Christmas so there were plenty of Christmas lights decoration, very beautiful :).

Portuguese Square - where you can search for something to munch on ;). We dined at Restoran De Lisbon. But if you were to visit Portuguese Square, I would rather recommend you to eat at the food court which is slightly deeper in.
Kangkung belacan - Spicy but the balance of taste is poor.
Sambal Squid - sweet, spicy, not bad :)
Otak-otak - not bad, not bad.
Ginger clams - I found a lot of empty shells :(
Baked Fish - MJ and Christine loved it. I prefer grilled fish though.
Omelette - The simplest dish but was claimed damn yummy by all, haha.
The following are a few of the many lightings I mentioned just now :).


There I have come to the end of my post. It's 3.27am now I have to wake up early tomorrow! 
Skytrex here I come muahaha!

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