Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Location #5 : Dancing Fish, BSC

Tis’ has been an enticing journey around Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur. Reached our final location for the Maxis Om Nom Nom race: Dancing Fish- Malay-Indo Cuisine! WE ALL LOVE THIS PLACE, although it may be a lil secluded to be located at the third floor of BSC. But, this place is a gem!

To be honest, our taste buds have been pampered so much for the day. Being at this last location kinda makes us feel sad for not having more time at each location to savor each of the dishes gao gao! Meh.
Anyway, enough with the emo-ness…

This is how the outer part looks like! Pretty, no?


And the interior:


Classy much! So romantic, ain’t it?


Well, as usual, we are extremely easily to be distracted with food. Started to dig in when the food is served. Om Nom Nom!


For starters, we were served emping with sambal terasi. Made from nuts, it is balanced nicely with the spiciness of the sambal.


We were also served some barley and lime to quench our thirsts after racing around PJ/Kepong/Bangsar and KL ALL DAY!

And here comes our beautiful mains:


The Ayam Panggang – yummy and tender spring chicken, charcoal-grilled to perfection after going through some serious marination with their famous homemade BBQ sauce. It is served with ulam, which seemed as if some mango juice was dripped all over it, adding a tinge of sweetness and asam chili sauce to help accentuate the flavors of the chicken. We personally enjoyed this greatly, as the combination of the wonderful tastes made us feel proudly Asian!

I love the chilli yo. *slurrp
Ching giving dancing-fish kissy kissy.

And their house favorite, as their restaurant is aptly called, the Dancing Fish! As the manager explained, the fish is fresh from the tank deep fried until golden brown, whilst ensuring that the juiciness is kept. He goes on to say that it is prepared in the image of a traditional Indonesian Baron Dancer, as you can see by the unique cut and placement of the fish. It is served with their homemade sambal terasi. Heck, it was fried until the bones were edible! The sauces helped balance out the hard and dry exterior of the fish, and we ate as much of it as we could!

They also served us some gelato for dessert!

It is truly a pleasant place to dine in, with decent price too. I give this place a 4.5/5 and do recommend this place as a decent eatery destination. More information? Check the deets below!


Address: Dancing Fish, Lot T120, T121, T122, Third Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center (right above Tutti Frutti)

Contact Number: 03 2095 6663

Business hours: 11.30am - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm daily. However, on public holidays and weekends, they are available from 11.30am straight till 10pm! Nice!

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