Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Foundation Reunion - this time bigger and better ;)

I used to be a blogger that puts great importance on the timeliness of my blog posts. But lately, I've a number of overdue posts coming up. Not procrastinating at my own will, just very occupied ;).

I successfully organized a Foundation gathering in the previous semester break, so I went on to organize a bigger one this time round with more people attending :).

Though some of us have parted ways (KBU, Segi, HELP, etc), but we still and will always be bonded by the fact we met and spent our 2008 together. It was great to meet up and catch up with each and everyone there :).

On the 27th December, 20 happy souls met up at The Apartment, The Curve to have a buffet lunch together. Frankly the lunch was below average, the appetizers were good, main course (beef stew and turkey) was average, soups (carrot and vegetable) were awful. However, the smiles on everyone's faces that day reflected how contented they were seeing all the familiar faces :). It was definitely worth the trouble organizing the event!

Photo credits to Ong Kean Seng. Thanks a lot :D!

Top row L-R : Sheng Wang, Wei Bin, Jason, Chai Yeng, Kah Yin, Kelly, Pui Yee, Seng Eu, Wen Kit and Ying Sern.
Bottom row L-R : Myself, Kevin, Wei Hoong, Sun Hoe, Kai Fu, Christina, Liang Yin and Shih Yeong.

Sheng Wang the broadcasting junkie, 
Wei Bin the joker that sells electrical products now,
Jason the ladies man,
Chai Yeng the lovable sporty girl,
Kah Yin the pretty model,
Kelly the party go-er,
Pui Yee the happy-go-lucky one,
Seng Eu the Buff dude,
Wen Kit the Buff-er dude,
Ying Sern the Lam Fung,
Kevin the businessman,
Wei Hoong the caring-good-father-candidate,
Sun Hoe the dota-pro,
Kai Fu the #1 Donnie Yen fan,
Christina the accountant from Sunway,
Liang Yin the sweet birthday girl,
Shih Yeong the chef from Penang.

Ah, don't I just miss all of you. It was awesome reminiscing the good old Foundation days :). 


I shall just let the pictures do the talking :).

Shih Yeong, the eldest and he's like the elder brother to all of us. Ever concerned, ever caring. Great guy.
With Seng Eu and Wei Bin :)
With Kelly and Shih Yeong :)
Kah Yin and her friend Gena :)
All smiles :)
The bunch of not-so-early-early birds :P
The hunky men :)
The pretty ladies :).
Ah, Pyee with your new haircut, very hard to tell between you and your sister!
Thankfully she did not forget us (ok she did forget some) after gaining so much fame  :p. 
With Diong and Jason ;)
All wearing dull colour except for Sun Hoe who's in red x)
In addition to the gathering, we celebrated Lianyin's birthday :).
Pyee presenting her birthday gift to her bestie.
With the birthday girl!
The last group picture before we finally leave The Apartment.
Some of them left and the remaining bunch went on to catch a movie at E@curve.
14 of us watched Meet the Parents : Little Fockers starring Ben Stiller. If you've watched you might get this. Hard to believe Ben Stiller can actually shrug off Jessica Alba's seduction. Hard to believe ANYONE can deny Jessica Alba's seduction. Kaifu added they probably slept with each other after filming the movie. Hahaha.


Kevin with the long list of tickets ;)
The bunch who watched the movie including Pui Yee who snapped this picture. Oh and Jia Ding only joined us later on :p.

Gorgeous Christmas decorations around the Curve :)

For dinner, we head on to New Paris at SS2.

We had Champagne Chicken, Guiness Pork Ribs, Claypot Tofu, Mantis Shrimp Salted Egg, Stir fried Kailan, and... I can't remember :\. New Paris serves really delicious dishes, with minimal waiting time. Wanted to order Kam Heong Lala but they didn't have it that day. Hmmmm.

The dinner bunch
The boys head off to dota (they just couldn't resist themselves with so many kakis), while the girls went home.
On the other hand, I rushed off to futsal to celebrate the return of Basil from Switzerland. TFD reunion! 2 reunions in 1 day. Doesn't get better than that.

Till my next post, see ya!


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