Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mummy!

What is the occasion on the 2nd Sunday of May?

Mother's Day!

Hi mummy.

Mummy here's a little note for you, the least I can do to show you how much I appreciate and cherish you.

I love you because;
  1. You work hard in the office, but still come home and cook delicious meals and boil yummy soups (of course we as the children helped).
  2. You wake up early morning to go market to buy the most fresh vegetables, fishes and meat, but still spare time to tidy up the house (of course we as the children helped as well).
  3. You are relatively short and petite but nurture us into relatively tall and steady body frames with sporting abilities. Pui Foong's not bad - she got a gold medal for tug-of-war(tarik tali) hehe (cause of her body weight for being well-fed :D).
  4. You are constantly nagging and reminding, though you know we are aware of the situation - you always like to make sure and being concerned:).
  5. Like the first few times I took up driving, you make sure I know where the accelerator and brake pedal are. LITERALLY.
  6. Mummy you are so sweet - just like the peaches jellies, and 'tong sui' you're so good in making.
  7. You seem to be in budget constraints most of the time, but never fail to give us pocket money when we needed them.
  8. How funny the fact that you - a lady in her late 40s, still watches WWE when I gave up watching WWE like 3-4 years ago. (Guess who's her favourite wrestler?)
  9. You, being a warrior - bore me for 9 long months in your womb. A total of 4 of us. I know it's no easy task (after seeing how tough it is for Sarah to move around being 9 months pregnant), in addition to the fact of raising us up! Much thanks to Papa too.
  10. You never, ever fail to love me.
Thank you mummy for all the things you've done and being an amazing woman, you know me, Wai, Cheng and Foong appreciate you very much and even Papa too(although Papa is cool and quiet most of the time with the newspaper).

You and Papa should be relaxing more and don't be too stressed up with your work, because it's never ending. You both should know that 4 of us have grown up well, educated and matured. Tomorrow's your day, sorry I can't be back yet because I'm still stuck in Kampar waiting to sit for my last paper. Till then,

Happy Mother's Day =3 even to all other loving, deserving mothers out there!


On a lighter note, I google-d your favourite wrestler.

Yeap, my mum likes Batista, ew. =_=

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