Sunday, May 23, 2010

Importance of Sleep

Ser Siang you're back from Hong Kong but I'm wondering why I learned so many German words from you haha.

I'm loving my semester break! Catching up with friends, parties, running, futsal, volleyball, plenty of nice food and so much more. :)
Yesterday with Siang & Wei Guan, I finally had my first meal at Popeye's after hearing so much about it.

Mmhmm. The food there just had that extra X factor. Did I mention their mashed potatoes are scrumptious :)?

After shopping at Mid Valley, we geared up for Zouk, though I got to admit the previous time I went there on Yong Meng's birthday was somehow more happening, still I had a good time :). Knowing clubbing ends at 3am, I reached home at 4am. Had only around 2 hours of sleep, and I woke up for a run at Lake Gardens which lasted 2 hours.

Running around Lake Gardens (ideally 7am-9am) accompanied with good weather is damn soothing. From running in this kind of environment, I find solitude.
Besides the fact I slept barely 2 hours, and clubbed yesterday intoxicated with alcohol, I'm surprised I actually have the energy to do a long run this morning. So today I randomly wanna share a little bit about sleeping.

Don't you just love sleeping? But teenagers and busy adults have higher tendency to have insufficient sleep, which would result to sleep debt due to physical and mental fatigue which is unhealthy.

An adult actually needs approximately an average of 7-8 hours of sleep daily. I mean which of us actually sleep according to the required sleeping hours? Sometimes it's just the matter of changing late night habits. However, apparently sleeping too much would just have as much bad effect as lack of sleep according to studies.


Do you actually know the importance of sleep?

1. Prevention and cure of dieseases
Sleep helps the body recuperate from several diseases and other health problems. The insistence on rest when you suffer from even a minor headache, is not without reason. It is only while you are asleep that your body gets a chance to repair it's damaged cells and related functions, and strengthen the immune system, thereby preventing the onset of other health problems. Also, sleeping well can help you deal better, with the physical and mental stress that your body and mind are subjected to on a daily basis.

2. Enhancement of Memory
People who generally sleep well would have better memory according to studies (I think that's my brother's secret to excellent grades :P). Proper sleep makes the body and mind alert, and ready to receive and learn new information. Burning midnight oil to study might actually be ineffective if you wish to absorb a lot and score well.

3. Enable you to grow taller!
When we are asleep, our body produces growth hormones, especially among children, teenagers and young adults. Apparently sprinting, weight lifting and hot shower trigger production of growth hormones too.

4. Effect of Sleep on your Mood
A bad night sleep would usually result in bad mood. You are bound to be irritable, and distracted, only because you're going to be sleepy throughout the day. It is bound to end in a bad day. On the other hand, notice your mood on a day when you have had the necessary amount of sleep. You are going to be perky, ready to face the day and generally in a good mood.

5. Maintain Relatively Healthy Body Weight
If you are wondering why you're still putting on weight after adhering to a strict diet, it is because you're probably not sleeping enough. Sleep affects the metabolism of the body, thereby resulting in how we lose and gain weight. Lack of sleep causes the body to preserve carbohydrates and fats, in an attempt to use them to deal with the prolonged physical and mental stress on the body. As such, your metabolism is affected, and you may develop a tendency to put on weight. Sleep deprivation also leads to hormonal changes that may affect your appetite. (Read this if you want your diet plan to work, Denise :P)
6. Prevent Onset of Sleep Disorders
Insomnia is an example of sleeping disorder, characterized mainly by lack of sleep, these can result in increased hypertension, the risk of stroke and heart disease, and a lack of ability to deal with stressful situations.


Now you know how important sleep is!

Sleep well, and lead a healthy life :).

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