Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Langkawi in 48 hours.

A year ago, a group of us were selected to become the committees of UTAR's Sports Club, all of us were total stranger to one another. A year later, which is of current date, we been through so much together and had bonded really well I have to say. This batch of committees certainly is one hell of a fun group :). To 'celebrate' the end of our reign as committees and before stepping down, we went on a trip to Langkawi Island, despite not able to have all the committees joining in a 2 days 1 night trip. I know you must be thinking "Heck, you go all the way to Langkawi just for 2 days 1 night? At least 3 days 2 night laa." Well, it's because our final exams is around the corner and we can't afford to be away for too long.

So, there were 8 of us, Kelvin the chairman, Emel the vice, Amanda the secretary, Yong Wei the assistant secretary, Adeline the treasurer, Sean the badminton captain, Wai Loon the table tennis captain and myself the volleyball captain.

We left Kampar at around 2am and travelled north to Kuala Perlis in 2 cars - Kelvin's and Amanda's.

Meet team Amanda :).

Adeline, the 20 year old who's graduating middle of this year :\.

Our yawning driver, you can't blame her since she was driving during the wee hours in the morning.

Adeline massaging her darling driver :p.

Haha Adeline is such a cheerful person she smiles even when she sleeps :).


At 4am, we reached Auto-City at Juru to have McD for breakfast :)

Smiley faces despite it's very early in the morning haha.

Wow car models phweet :)


Reached Kuala Perlis at 7.30am to catch the 8am ferry - one way ticket cost RM18 each.

Langkawi here we come :)!

Excited faces upon reaching Langkawi Island after an hour ferry ride:).


Reaching the island at 9am, 9.30am is our snorkeling at Pulau Payar. The snorkeling cost RM90, inclusive of ferry rides, lunch(yuck), snorkeling equipments, etc. But I have to say the marine life there is so beautiful and it was worth while :).

In the ferry on the way to Pulau Payar which is 45 minutes away from Langkawi :).


Transferred to a small boat to go to our snorkeling avenue :)

ML the size L and Kelvin the XL ahah.

Sean, Wai Loon, Adeline, Amanda, Yong Wei and Emel :).


Hello Pulau Payar!

Right before entering the water :).

Jom snorkeling :D!


Fishes :D!

Us with the fishes :)

Wai Loon the Koo Tin Lok(Louis Koo) looking good getting close up with the fishes :)

Getting friendly with fishyyy.

Did I mention there were young sharks? 3 to 4 feet long! This is Emel, spot the young sharks!

Nice shot, this can go up as my calendar picture ;)

Our pathetic lunch :p.


Volleyball time!

Wow volleyball girls :)

Me hitting the ball up!

Sean give the ladies some taste of manly volleyball skills!

Hahahaha Amanda schoo cute:)


Rapped up at around 3.30pm, feeling all exhausted already.

Exhausted Adeline :p

Despite being so tired, we still have the energy to snap some shots ;).

But not long later.. all into slumber mode already haha.

LOL WAI LOON new facebook profile picture? haha.


Back at our apartment - Seri Lagenda.

Committee meeting, serious ni.. haha.

Slyvester and Tweety :)

Pretty Adeline and Emel :)

This is Wai Loon - the joker of the trip and I :).

The girls feeling refreshed after their shower :)

&.. a picture before dinner :).


Off for dinner!

All of us in a Serena, that cost us RM150 - pretty economical considering we have so many people :).


Dinner at Wonderland, while waiting for the food.. :)

The night that Amanda almost lost her voice :P. But she regained it soon after :).


After dinner we head to Pantai Cenang for a walk and look for souvenirs. On our way there, we saw a lightning strikes a very tall coconut tree and it was on fire.

So close to the action.

It was already raining by the time we reach a Arts and Crafts souvenir shop,

Auu-uhh(owl) for Amanda's mummy :).


We had bowling after that,The petite powerhouse plotting her strategy to defeat us in bowling lol.

What a memorable game filled with laughter haha :).


Langkawi is probably one of the rare places where you see beer being cheaper than other drinks (soft drinks, mineral water etc). So we bought some beer to drink back at our apartment :).

After that, at around 1am, Kelvin suggest we go for supper cause he's already hungry, but Amanda's engine sudah ka-poot. She was sleeping the whole time at the restaurant :p. By that time, I was in the verge of falling asleep too because I have not slept for 40 hours already :(.

But others still steady :)



Next morning, 9am, off we go to visit the Sky Bridge, and foregone the chance to visit Underwater World due to time constraint. Amanda, you can visit the penguins next time :).

On the way to Sky Bridge.

At the entrance of the Oriental Village before taking our cable car!

Cheerful smile from our local farmer :p.

Spot Sean!

Before taking the Cable car - a ride up cost RM15, but stated originally RM30. Only Malaysians with MyKads are eligible for the 50% discount. Imagine how much money they sucked from the tourists :p.

The Telaga Tujuh waterfall seems to be drying up :(.

The girls enjoying the scenic view from the top :)

All 8 of us over-looking a part of Langkawi Island :)

Meet your new local farmers :).


Getting over to the Sky Bridge;


Here we are! Sky Bridge :) - Spectacular view from the top.

What would the trip be without any of you guys :).


At the peak;

Just yesterday we were snorkeling at the sea and the next day we are 705m above sea level.

Nice legs Wai Loon :p

Time to say good bye to Oriental Village.


After that, we went to alot of Duty-free shops to do some heavy chocolate-liquor shopping. You all like my 'Kisses'(Hersheys), don't you :)?


Due to time constraint, and it's pretty late already, we rushed to the jetty and had a late lunch a KFC.


Heading for our 6pm ferry, passing through the customs first. If you guys go to Langkawi and bought too much liquor which would be taxed, I suggest you carry by hand in a plastic bag because the customs only check your luggage back and not your hand-carried plastic bags:p.

Au revoir, Langkawi!

Amanda giving her darling smooches. :p


Sunsets - beautiful :).


Awww 2 cuties and 1 cutie wanna-be :).

All of us enjoying the sunset!


We even spared some time for jump-shots :p



For dinner, again we have it at Auto-city. Wanted to eat at Tao but the last call is at 10.30pm which is the time we arrived. So, we opt to eat at,



That time was the match between Chelsea and Stoke, I can be seen watching here. LOL @ Kelvin's expression :p.

The first half - Yong Wei, Emel, Sean and Kelvin :)

& the other half - Wai Loon, myself, Amanda and Adeline :).


Later on, we had super lame joke session which made us almost laughed our guts out hahah. Auto-city is our last stop, and off we go heading back to Kampar. Then, all the girls in team Amanda slept and I took over to drive back :).

Among the chocolates and liquor bought :).


I can't deny the trip was utterly enjoyable, there was never a dull moment! All the funny moments from Wai Loon's queer way of waking up, Wai Loon's speedy bowling style, Amanda being deemed as yummy by the fishes, peeping the hot white lady at Sky Bridge and so many more. It was great.

I never thought I would have so much fun in 48 hours. Cheers!


P/s : Happy Birthday Wei Guan and Congratulations Sarah for your new born baby girl :)!


Emel - LayChuyDing said...

NICE NICE!! I read it over twice and I still smile all the way :) altho we all are seriously tired but we really do have fun to max all time!

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ReActivate said...

::: waaahhh, seeing ur picture, i'll bet it was an amazing trip. im jealous with ur great friendship togetherness! great picture & another great story from u.