Friday, April 16, 2010

"RAVISH IT!!" : Khy Li


Glad to be back home!

Some people has been a real pain in the ass, but the best thing to do at the moment is just flush it down the toilet *flush* :).

The moment I came back from Kampar, went to Magic Wok to have Pui Cheng's birthday dinner :). How was the Sport's Day eh dear SMKDJ-ians?

Since the main purpose of my return this week was to meet up with long time buddy, Thian Hong, so after my dinner met up with him, Khy Li and Edwin for some drinks - 'sleeveless style' hahaha.

Most people as they stumble upon Thian Hong, they will go "Waaa got so buff/big already!" When others stumble upon me, their reaction would be otherwise, they will go "What happened Meng Leong whyyy so thin." Even Yi Ching said, "I think you were buff-er last time" ;(! Sigh. I think after my full marathon, I will cut down on vigorous cardio exercises and focus on bulking up. Thian Hong donate me some of your body mass please.

We had sleepover at Edwin's place, next morning, woke up early for morning market at Taman Tun.Edwin eye-ing the biggest, juiciest prawn around :D.

Chicken breasts for making the soup stock :).

Melbourne tourist with a stall of fresh fruits haha.

& then followed up by sushi bonanza lunch at Sunway Pyramid's Sushi King ;D! Finally, after 3 consecutive days of trying, I get to enter Sushi King and successfully avoiding the crowd cause we went in the morning :D.

Later on, Thian Hong and I went to Pertama Complex to do some shopping. Haha you can see Thian Hong perspiring like mad, trying to adapt to the heat and Malaysian weather :P. On the way back, we passed by a Malay stall selling Betong tree bark, that was said to have miraculous medicinal values.
Said to be able to cure sinus, pimple/oily face etc. Visit here for more information :).

Later on, was dinner with Thian Hong, Edwin, Khy Li and his family, prepared by the latest Taylor's Culinary Arts graduates. Because as they said, better treasure the opportunity to eat their food now, if not it's gonna be expensive to eat their food when they're famous chefs in the future :).

Chef Tong performing his magic in the kitchen!

The Ong siblings - before we start our dinner :).

Friends since primary days :).

The host and the guest from Australia ahah.

(more pictures to be uploaded)

Truly appreciate the wonderful dinner, special thanks to Edwin, Khy Li and his family, thank you :D!

After the glorious dinner, we played futsal around midnight, healthy eh:)? Unlike some people who are back to their screwed up routine, doing dry humping frequently and promoting growth of lung cancer :). Study my ass la. You wouldn't be offended if you didn't do such things :).

Today has been more of a relaxing day for me, running some errands and settling unsettled tasks. Tonight, futsal again in a short while and will see you all again for drinks at 10pm! :)

ps : Thanks Tigress for the pictures :).