Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - Location #3 : Sate Kajang HJ Samuri


Chicken, Rabbit, Mutton and Venison Sate

Succulent, tender meat. This sate meats are grilled to perfection and taste absolutely amazing. Sate Kajang serves a wide range of meat to choose from such as beef, chicken, mutton, venison and even rabbit meat. It definitely is a must try for those who have never tasted any rabbit meat before in their life. 

The sauce that accompanies the sate sticks taste really good as well. It’s like most typical sate gravies which have a very nutty flavour to it but what makes this special is that it isn’t that sweet and the peanut aroma isn’t overwhelming. Even our teammate, Yi Ching who hates peanut didn’t mind it all that much.

As usual, there are side dishes accompanying the sate sticks such as cucumbers and ketupat. The vegetables and ketupat go very well together with the peanut sauce and we all love it. It tastes good and I’m pretty sure that everyone regardless of age will love it just as much.


Besides that, they serve other Malay food as well.

This Damansara outlet has ample amount of dining seats (2 storeys). It is decorated with simple elements of wood that resembles traditional Malay architecture.
Check out the collection of antique clocks they have.



Address – Damansara Utama, Uptown (Same row as Village Park Nasi Lemak)
Tel – 03-77105318
Business hours : 11am – 12am (perfect for snack, lunch, tea time, dinner and even supper!)

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