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The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race - The Aftermath.

I'm getting lazy, yes I am - in blogging at least. I used to be able to blog immediately after a particular event. Here I am, doing an actual feedback on the whole Maxis Om Nom Nom race which took place on 15th January.

The team consists of Khai Sim, Louis, Yi Ching and I. Firstly, we're 1 out of the 15 teams selected to participated in the race. Being picked among so many bloggers all over the country is a creditable feat already. Thank you Nuffnang for picking me and my team ;). As preparation for the race, we gathered all sorts of gadgets like camera, Maxis broadband, Garmin GPS, 3 laptops, YES huddle and of course a car which is my Proton Saga.

Those are actually additional gadgets. In fact, we're provided with gadgets like laptop, Maxis broadband, and an iPhone 4. Did I mentioned each and everyone of us secretly dream of bringing back the iPhone? Not to forget we're given an over-sized event shirt each.

Basically in this race, there are 5 food locations. We'll be given coordinates of a particular location, then a marshal there will hand us a riddle to solve to identify the actual restaurant/food location. While sampling various dishes, we're required

Our starting point - Modesto Capsquare
A part of Modesto's bar

At Modesto, there were welcoming speeches and briefing. Breakfast was also served :). We were told to eat more because the food served at the restaurants might be not enough. BAD IDEA. There's so much eating it blows your mind, haha.

Robb from Nuffnang distributing the iPhones to respective teams ;)
Louis and I, all ready to Om Nom Nom!

Location #1 : HSBC Bank which lead us to -

Strawberry Fields Cafe at PJ Old Town.
Our adorable, secret weapon - Miss Rei ;)
Yi Ching with the Strawberry Fields Fried noodle and I with the Pineapple fried rice.
All smiles from the Foodologists :)
Verdict : Our team was 1st to reach! My dad brought me there before. The ambiance is fine, ideal for a drink/snack while watching football. But food-wise, it is not that good. There's a shop in the same row that serves delicious duck rice. To be frank, I would recommend that instead of the latter.


Location #2 : McDonalds Sunway Pyramid which lead us to -

Tarbush, Sunway Pyramid
Ching with some pudding. Shoo cute. 
Louis and I both want a bite of the scrumptious Arayes Chicken
Verdict : It was tough finding parking at Sunway Pyramid, as usual! Yi Ching found the place because recognized the cameraman and trailed him. We were once again the first to reach! Feeling ecstatic, I took our time, enjoyed the food and blogged. In fact Tarbush is one of my favourite restaurant among the 5 restaurants we visited. Tarbush serves really delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine (eg. Arayes Chicken, Briyani Lamb). However, we got too carried away and wasted too much time here. To make things worse, I couldn't recall where I park my car. Wasted some time there.


Location #3 : McDonalds Uptown which lead us to -

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Damansara Uptown
Verdict : Arrived 2nd. Tummy was pretty full by then already. Hence, we barely enjoyed the sate served. This restaurant serves tender sate meat, ideal if you suddenly have sate craving. At this location, we wasted no time and hustle our way through to complete our tasks.


Location #4 : McDonalds, Kepong which leads us to -

Thai Base Restaurant, Kepong
Verdict : GPS screwed us up on the way to this route. Screwed us up so bad I don't wanna talk about it. We reached the place 6th. At first I was thinking, ah Thai restaurant, nice - cause I fancy Thai food. To be honest, I've tasted so many better Thai food compared to those served at Thai Base. Tad bit disappointed.


Location #5 : DOME, Bangsar Shopping Centre which lead us to - 

Dancing Fish, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Verdict : We stepped up the speed and was 4th to reach! Definitely the best restaurants among all the one we've visited all day! The food served mouth-watering, ambiance is great, the staffs were welcoming. Dancing Fish, a funky name that serves a uniquely prepared fish. Serving Malay-Indo cuisine, it rattles my taste buds and very likely I would go there again :).


ALL 5 LOCATIONS CHECKED! Rushed back to the finishing point, Modesto Capsquare. Much thanks to the awesome/bad/reckless/skillful driving of mine, we were the 2nd team to reach the finishing point.

However, speed is not the only element considered in winning the race. In fact, they judged the quality of our blog posts, Twitter, Facebook etc. So it's pretty debatable who earn the most points. Unfortunately, we didn't win 1st or 2nd. There goes the HTC smartphones and trip to Hong Kong :\. 

I couldn't ask for better teammates - Yi Ching, Louis and Khai Sim.
Nobody goes home empty handed!

Among the goodies we brought home :)
I have to say it was a very fun and enjoyable experience, thank you Nuffnang and Maxis for organizing such an interesting event! Will be eager to participate more in bloggers' events from now on.

It's Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow, Gong Hei Fatt Choi! & Thian Hong's coming back Malaysia tomorrow woohoo!

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