Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011 : My 4th 42km Marathon

Hello there. If you must know, I'm currently doing my internship in OCBC Bank, which left me with little time for leisure and what not the soon-to-be-forsaken hobby of blogging.

Just a couple of days ago, I ran my 4th 42km marathon marathon. It was still so fresh when I first ran long distance in Ambank KL Marathon 2008 I thought "Woah I just finish 10km and it's so freaking far. Those 42km crazy one".

This is my fourth time being 'crazy' and still counting.
The mission in running marathons is the ability and will to overcome adversity and accomplishing the mission is indeed rewarding. If you're an avid runner or fitness enthusiast, I strongly suggest try a 42km full marathon at least once in your life. Worth while the experience.

The build-up and preparation to this marathon was not as good as the previous, as I've been channeling most of my energy waking up early and working 8 hours, 5 days a week. Respect how parents who work, and still has the energy to take care of house chores. Not easy, I must say. Hats off to these unsung daily heroes of ours.

Training has been below the level I would address 'intensive', weekly mileage is only around 40km when I should at least have a weekly mileage of 60km. Plus, 5 days before Putrajaya Night Marathon, I hurt my ankle during futsal. I had hard time to even run 2km during training. So fingers cross I was hoping my ankle would recover by itself naturally before the marathon.

Apparently it didn't. My ankle came back and haunt me after I merely crossed the 6km mark. I did the remaining 36km in pain. Of course I take it slow, which explained why I finished 5hours 53mins instead of my personal best of 4 hours 56mins. Not a good idea to run 42km with a bad ankle. Perhaps there's some blood clot.

Anyway enough about myself, because I believe the world doesn't revolve around me. I fetched Nico, Khai Sim, Su Juin and Christine to Putrajaya.

1 car ferrying 5 people, yay for Mother Nature. We arrived slightly later than planned, shortly later 42km kicked off.

The people I fetched - Khai Sim, Christine, and Su Juin in pink (minus Nico :P)
Yes, I close my eyes when I dash to the finishing line to take off all the pain and push myself through
42km finishers/survivors :)
Terrific effort, 42km finishers - Wu Chuan, Kaartig, Michelle and Nico :).
Well done to the slightly hardcore 21km half marathon finishers - Kevin, Khai Sim and Karmun.
& also good run from the many 10km runners - Christine, Jovita, Su Juin, Aris and so on.

Hope to see these familiar people again and perhaps more in the future.


After the grueling run, time to fill the tummy.

Where to? - William's

Spaghetti Carbonara Beef Bacon!
Nico's Nasi Goreng Tomyam with Ayam Pandan!
 I don't fancy William's Indomee so Khaisim, your food got no feature here hehe.

Upcoming runs within October to November :
  • 30th October 2011 = 21km PJ Half Marathon
  • 13th November 2011 = 5km CICM Run
  • 20th November 2011 = 42km Penang Bridge International Marathon
  • 27km November 2011 = 10km Nike KL City Run 
Busy busy weekends :)


Remember, "Limitations only exist if you let them".


Timothy Teh said...

Congrats and keep it up

Karmun said...

You're so awesome man so many full marathons under your belt now! :) I'm doing half for the Penang bride too!! Drivin home just to run hehehe. Hometown pride! ;) see you there!! Let me know if you wanna hop in my car. Cuz it's just Aris and me driving down this 20th November, loads of space :) wheeeeee good luck for the PJ half!

MengLeong said...

Thank you :D.

Ohh! I was planning to drive up Penang too.. Might consider hopping in to save cost :). I'll let you know Karmun, thanks for ze offer :)

I am Khai Sim said...

Mehhh. No feature on indomee D: hahahha

I am Khai Sim said...

27km November? lol

MengLeong said...

Thanks for pointing it out KS. Wanted to see if got people read thoroughly - well done :P!