Friday, February 24, 2012

London, United Kingdom.

You might probably know I had a trip to London not too long ago. Primarily the reason to travel was I have completed my studies (up to degree at the moment). In addition there are cheap air tickets by AirAsia! I purchased tickets for both way flights for only RM2112 (inclusive of airport tax, fuel surcharge, check-in luggage, on-board meals). However, just recently AirAsia withdrew their flights to London, Paris, Mumbai and Delhi. Bummer. No more cheap tickets for budget-conscious travelers (to those places that is)! If you were wondering, I made the trip happen myself, expenses all bore by myself, no form of sponsorship were taken from FaMA (Father-Mother Alliance aka Parents).

To be exact the flight from Malaysia to London will take up 13.5 hours, which is really long for me considering the furthest I've been on flight was Langkawi. The rest were all by land. I was as nervous as I was excited.

Upon reaching London Gatwick Airport, it is cold. The drop from almost 30 degrees Celsius is awfully drastic, well for me at least. Supposed to get on the Easybus and meet Kit Weng at Euston station, but shit happens we almost didn't make it because tube lines close at 12.30am. It was around 12am by the time I reached Euston station. Close call.

Though the low temperature is not the most ideal temperature, but I love it. The temperature range from 4 - 11 degree Celsius. I am utterly intrigued by the fact I'm so far away from home, in Europe, United Kingdom, London. Just by meeting English people and seeing English architecture excites me.  Kit Weng welcomed me to his place, with Marcus and Edwyn greeting me there :).

First night sleep there was a torment, due to jet lag and the low temperature. Thankfully I was able to rest well the next few days.
Kings Cross St Pancras Station
Platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts :)

Marcus and I outside the Malaysia Embassy 
Owh baby, sipping on a hot cup of teh tarik is pure bliss.
The English phone booth.
 I don't think the phone booth is functional anymore, if it is I doubt anyone actually use it because it is filthy and had an awful stench. Probably someone puked or peed in it.
Visited Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland

Runners a common sight, even during winter. Imagine during spring or autumn. Runners all over ze place! The English are fitness conscious people, aren't they? 
Edwyn posing with a swan

Standing amongst the crowd-friendly birds
A squirrel chasing a pigeon

In a whole, London is an amazing tourist destination. However, coming from a gastronomical paradise such as Malaysia, I have to say food at London is below par, in exception of their awesome bacon!

Pro-claimed best roasted duck around London, always packed. Gold Mine, Bayswater.

Hugo, Edwyn and  Marcus at Queensway station
4pm shopping at Oxford street
Hot chocolate at Caffe Nero
NikeTown - 3 storey Nike store

Countdown to London Olympics 2012
Trafalgar Square

It was raining quite regularly during the period I visited

Edwyn with his new shoe - really cheap, was on sale!
I got myself a new pair of Nike Lunar Racer. Still prefer Nike Free though.
Besides staying in London, I travelled up north to Manchester, together with Kit Weng. It was approximately 400km but the train took only 2.5hours. It was Seng Tuck who provided hospitality for us at Manchester. Things (such as food) is so much cheaper at Manchester as compared to those in London!

On my way..
Red Cafe
Entrance to the Museum Tour
The English midfield maestro
The replica 'big-ear' trophy - UEFA Champions League
The REAL Barclay Premier League Trophy and Community shield
The Big Dane! - Peter Schmeichel 
Kit Weng and Seng Tuck play foosball before we enter the stands
Oh yeah

Mimicking the United Trinity - Best, Law and Charlton
Carved from a penny
Next day, we returned to Old Trafford to catch the Premier League game against Blackburn Rovers. So glad to have Seng Tuck and Kit Weng tagging along, considering they're Liverpool and Arsenal fans respectively :p.

Match ticket!
Kick off. Chicharito doing his pre-match prayers
The atmosphere during match day is phenomenal. It is hair-raising. Unfortunately for that game, I couldn't see Manchester United's talisman, Wayne Rooney in action, and we lost 3-2 at home. Good game though, great to see Berba scoring a brace!

Last shot before leaving the Theater of Dreams
Outside the stadium checking out players leaving and signing autographs - look it's Park Ji-sung!

After the match, we got on the train to return back to London, to countdown and catch the fireworks at London's Eye. The fireworks were spectacular.

Since I was at London, I visited Arsenal's Emirates stadium, boy, it is a gorgeous stadium.

Kit with his idol's statue :)
Henry and I :)
We even visited Kit Weng's uni, LSE.

& amuse ourselves with jump shots there.


Meet up with Chiaw Yee, told her I love spicy food so we had Sichuan.

The lovebirds - Chiaw Yee and Chun Shiun :)
RM50 worth of white rice :p
Cengal buddies :) - too bad Wei Kit wasn't around, he was back at Malaysia
Lauduree's macaroons
Met up with Ernest and his girlfriend :)

Strawberry beer and Strongbow
Lamb stew
Trip to England would never be complete without an English breakfast! BACON DA YUMS.

British Museum visit - no admission fee

Tourists visiting London should never miss visiting the museum, it's free anyway! Rich in artifacts, you can consume up to a day if you really pay attention to every detail.

Wei Guan and I at the entrance of British Museum

Big Ben

London's Eye
Wei Guan with the Belgian waffle, yums!
Later that day, celebrated Hwee Ching's 22nd birthday with Grace and Kit Weng as well .

Dessert @ Tutti Frutti
Another shopping avenue - Picadally Circus
Gelato ice-cream arranged as rose petals. Pretty isn't it?
In a nutshell, the trip was worth every single cent I paid. It was awesome. Would love to go back there some day.
Good bye, London :)

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