Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Greetings to all exisiting/non-existing readers of this forsaken blog.

I am guessing if you are reading this blog, it is either you care about me, missed me, wondering if I'm still alive, you're a stalker, or you're just really bored. I choose to think you care and missed me, thank you - for being here, means a lot to me.

I would to shed some light on why I've been missing from the blogging community and what I've been up to. Heck, as I log in to Blogspot it's like a completely different avenue.

Firstly, I've lost the enthusiasm - the drive to write long posts or update what I've been up to. I used to blog about what I eat, where I go, or even who I am out with - not anymore. Yes, the attention from readers is welcoming and warm but I guess I learned that we can't be contented in every sense.

Secondly, I've out-grown the past-Meng Leong. The relatively more carefree, younger me is a little less carefree now. Stepping into the corporate world and thinking in businesses point of view shape you that way. I work in a bank, and frankly speaking it is not as 'fun' and probably a little dry. What was I thinking, putting 'fun' and bank in the same sentence just doesn't intermingle, does it? But I'm very thankful of the lovely working environment I'm in, lovely colleagues and boss - never short of light hearted moments without compromising productivity. In addition, I love the work life balance at OCBC, it is superbly pleasant as I move up my learning curve. My brain juice has been sapped for as long as a sun rises till it sets 5 days a week, I just didn't have the mood to blog.

Next, the lack of things to talk about. I dare say Banker-Meng-Leong is a lot less happening than Student-Meng-Leong. Haha it doesn't mean life is as dull as shit now, my life's good - pardon me, probably just tad bit lazy and giving excuses.


A little history session now, bear with me. It's been a long, long time since I first started this blog in 2005 - & much has changed. Secondary school, sports, games, falling head over heels for her, tertiary education, marathon, so much more & now. I've morphed - so have the people around me.

How different did ML morphed? Banker-Meng-Leong now ENJOYS reading newspaper from end to end (yes, 'enjoys' needs to be in capital letter because I find reading newspaper delightful!). I am very mindful of how to allocate and use my resources now, like every prudent, responsible adult should be. I've grown to force myself think for the long run, before you label me as Mr. Boring (or UNCLE BORING), I am just a little less of the in-the-moment-kinda-guy, you get the drift. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy the fine (and not so fine) things in life, just with a clearer conscience. On the other hand, I dare say I'm fitter now :). My stamina has improved tremendously from my consistency in training and all, and you must agree with me that being physically well is just bliss, isn't it?

No matter how we change, crucially we should have clear goals and move forward instead of regressing. I've shared with you a little of which part of me changed, now I tell you what remained the same.

My determination. If I've set my mind to get something done, nothing or very few things can stop me. Stubborn, maybe - but a good kind of stubbornness. It's sometimes a struggle to not over-do something that might implicate overwhelming consequences. In short, I sometimes need a reminder on when to stop, because I sometimes may run out of clue on whether I've crossed the line. I might not keep in touch with all my friends or even you - but you must know you are always held close to heart. 

If you've read from top to here, you would have a little insight on what have been going through my noodle :).

In case you forgotten how I looked like,

Here is a shameless reminder ;)
Writing here is refreshing. I absolutely hope the existence of this dear blog has not been completely forgotten. That's it for now!

Cheers, to a better tomorrow.


Sophia Aliza said...

Hi Meng leong!:)

I don't know why..but I was just skimming through blogs and thought "hey, I wonder whether he still blogs", typed in your link and found it! :) HEHE.


Can't believe you are working now. But it sounds good :) All the best in work and in life. Stay determined, fit and most of all, happy!:)

MengLeong said...

hey Sophia! You don't know how wide i smiled when i saw your comment:)! Yea we're all pretty grown up, aren't we.. You're doing your degree at HKU? Anyhow best wishes to you too :)!