Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Don't Wanna Know.

Hello readers. If you totally hate reading, I suggest you cancel out this post. This isn't the most pleasant of posts.


Should we even have met in the first place?
Somehow I'm glad we did.
If not, I wouldn't feel so blissful for a moment.
But, what use is it to feel contented and get hurt the next second?

  • When I first saw you,
    I see all I want in a girl.
    Sparks, you call it?

    No one has made me feel the same way as you did.

    I guess Cupid shot me at the wrong time.
    You were so perfect to me.
    Call me blind.
    You've got me head over heels over you.
    My feelings for you were pure.

    I'm aware that I'm not the type of guy you're looking for,
    My close ones have been throwing sensible advice to me.
    Forcing me to swallow the fact.
    I've got to let all my friends know how much I appreciate their respective concern.

    "Fall deep. & you'll get hurt badly"

    But, I'm desirous to make you mine.
    Although even dreaming of you isn't the best thing to do at the moment.

    To have you next to me.
    Would you let me feel you once more?
    The scent of yours make me go nuts, I swear.
    Wishing the moment would pass by as slow as ever.
    I would never ever take back that moment, because I cherish it.

    I hope you choose the one who meant the most to you.
    My wish for you,
    is that this life becomes all that you want it to.
    That I'm ready to catch you if you're willing to fall, for me.

    Why am I falling and feeling so devoted to you?
    I find it tough to answer that question myself.

    You gave me misleading signals.
    Like as if I'm someone special to you.
    So can you please stop it.
    Stop it cause I can't take it anymore.

    Aren't you even aware of my feelings?

    You might think,
    HEY, we NEVER had a thing together.
    Tell me if that's true.

    Now, I'm feeling lost.
    Don't know what to do.
    Cause I know that I'll never be with you.

    I don't wanna know,
    If you're playing me.
    Cause my heart can't take it anymore.

    I don't wanna know,
    Where your whereabouts or what you're doing.
    It's been proven, my feelings you've been abusing.
    I'm puzzled.

    Perhaps I should stop sulking.
    I've got a shout-out to all.

    Don't be a fool like me.
    Stay away from some girls you think aren't the right one for you.
    They bite.
    Once they bite, it hurts.

    pikyiee. said...

    no doubt bout that bro. just gotta stand up strong on your own two feets man.

    when love is around the corner & you are running for it , you are all happy chasing after it. enjoying the moment.

    but if you dont get to catch the love , everything else goes down the drain just like that. it feels like you are living in hell. all the torturing & suffering.

    but choose properly cause there is always next time. but next time , open your eyes bigger but not your heart.

    you dig ? hope you're ok.

    MengLeong said...


    I'll open my eyes bigger.
    Not my heart.