Saturday, December 08, 2007


Silly me.
When my parents are out, I go out so often.
But when they left for vacation, I stayed at home more.

Like I've mentioned before, my appetite has yet to improve.

Let me tune you guys to PROM MODE!

Sri Aman Prom is like, 3 days more!

& DJ Prom is 2 days after Sri Aman's.

Excited all?
Cause I am :D.


5th Dec.

The day we attended our 5 hours driving course.
Wasn't bored to death, thought En. Ali had a good sense of humour.

Right after that, I went to Midvalley with Marcia and Aaron of St. John.
Got to know Matthew and Dinesh there.

I would have been lying if I said I didn't enjoy my time at Midvalley.
Hmmm :).

Oh, wanna ask your opinion.
Tell me if you do think I have feminine fingers.
(Marshy forced 'em on me:\ )

Realised there's the KPP Undang book held with my other hand?haha.

& my right and left arm sakit laa.
Marshy's the culprit.
Press now still pain :\


The next 2 days were uneventful.

Yesterday night YongMeng, WeiKit, Ethan and I were suppose to eat "Lok Lok" (steamboat).

YM called[on the phone] :
"Eh MengLeong, near your place got 'Rok rok' ar"(if you've speak to YM often enough, you would notice he has difficulty pronouncing words with "L")

I was like :
"What??Road Block?!" (I didn't catch his Lok Lok properly it sounds like 'road block' hahahaha)

Last time when YongMeng mentioned he wanna 'play volleyball', it sounds like he wanna 'pray vorreyball'

Since I'm talking bout YongMeng here, have you seen his new haircut?
Here to announce YongMeng's name now is spell as J-E-N-G :)
Nah, actually it isn't THAT bad la.


So no Steamboat, we had our supper at Jelutong.
YM, Ethan and I were suppose to sleep over at WK's place but YM pulled out at the end.
What laa.

Played Playstation.

Did mini workout till I realised how weak my upper body is.
Who wants a small framed body dude as a boyfriend?
I need to work on it.
  • Get me a dumbbell if you want MengLeong to improve on his physical appearance!
  • Otherwise, you wish not, spend him a heavy Japanese buffet meal at Shogun so he can gain more weight, thank you.
*either one, I don't mind :)

& annoyed Marshy who's in the middle of slumberland. SORRY!

The following morning, RUGBY.
Only had like 3 hours of sleep.

As I kicked the rugby ball, the pain on my right feet came back.
Cannot kick rugby ball.
Do know how frustrating is that?!

Doubt I'll be playing football or futsal anytime soon.

Can somebody be an angel and get me an ankle guard for x'mas?

Well all my body allowed me to do is just run.

Had a hard landing with a rugby ball in between the ground and my sternum.
Difficulty in breathing.
Now it even hurts when I perform inhalation.

& I've been suffering from dry lips lately.
Help needed :b!


It sounds like I'm feeling pain everywhere and my body is falling apart hahahaa.
Erm, not funny.


and I don't know ; this could break my heart or save me.

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