Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's the season to be jolly.


Oh yes, welcome the 150th post on this blog.
I've been blogging for 2 years + but only so few posts?

People, do check out this cool new blog.
which belongs to Jesse.
Jesse wish his hit counter would hit 200k by the end of this year.
Do drop by at his blog!


I'm here to bid farewell to all the current National Service trainees.
Hopefully you guys will adapt well there, & take care.
Wish to see you soon during the Chinese New Year Break!

Daniel, 3 months later? ;

Probably haha.
Daniel, don't charm and break any girl's heart there.hahaha.

pictures extracted from TFD's blog


Oh yes.

I've came to a finalized decision.
I'm gonna study at UTAR, doing foundation in Arts and probably doing Accounting or Banking and Finance.

Hopefully I don't turn anti-social cause I doubt I've got any friends there.
Anyone studying at UTAR please let me know :/.


Christmas Eve '07.

Wasn't all planned properly before this, but somehow I thought we had a rather pleasant time together.

Sarah picked ThianHong and I from my place to WeiGuan's.

KhyLi was already there.

Before we head off to Bangsar, we all had a chit chat session with both WeiGuan's parents, her cousin and WeiCheng.

WeiCheng graduated yo!
Congrats :D.

In fact, I didn't know we were going to Bangsar. I thought we would just hang around WeiGuan's place.

Bangsar was er, packed with aimless group of youngsters.
We weren't that aimless though.

People spraying some white foam thingie to cars passing by.
ZOMG Malaysia's snowing!

Guan and Sarah!

KhyLi, ThianHong & I .

& a goofy shot!

Small group, but big fun.

Man, it's snowing again!


Back at Guan's place, we slept over but
KhyLi went home instead.

WeiGuan on the floor instead of her own bed.Why?Because she has to shower and be clean enough to sleep on her bed.haha.

Sarah in her own world. :D


We slept at 6am and got off at 7am+.
Felt like we didn't sleep at all *yawn.


*We've got the luxury of attending 3 parties in 3 days straight.

26th Dec ; Christmas Party at Sab's.

KitWeng & I were on our feet from my house to Sab's place.

The sky has to be so unforgiving.
Guess what?
It PEE PEE again!

So heavy we were forced to take shelter in the nearest park.
Not to mention the rain was pouring like mad and the wind was strong!

Wet MengLeong & KitWeng.

I had to go through the torment of heavy pour before at KL as I've mentioned in my post before.
Twice in 3 days :(.

YongMeng looking/acting/probably drunk. :b

Rui Zhen can never start a conversation WITHOUT smiling :).

ChiawYee the Miss Tofu! :b

Self-named Izzy Gorgeous.ahahhahaha.

1KM & 1 ml . :)Cengal-ians :).

Syiok sendiri #1.

Syiok sendiri #2.
Oh Marshy :p.

Our shadow.


27th Dec ; Christmas Party at Belle's.

I walked from The Curve to Belle's. Actually it's pretty near if you know the way, but walking cluelessly around the Mutiara Damansara isn't recommended =\.

We've got the chance to enjoy the party in a romantic atmosphere as well.. haha.

Santa Jelly Cake!

WingHang !
Hey, how many months di?
HAHA *inside joke >=)


Later on we went to the Curve,

Woah, what's with the light effect at the background.


28th Dec ; BBQ Party at Jonathan's.

Jon thanks for making that party happen!
I had a good time, I bet it's rather the same for most of us there.

All the best when you move to U.K. and study. Take care dude.

WeiKit they all setting up the BBQ fire. That's one unhealthy amount of smoke you can see.

Poker-ing.MayEe & I.


ThianHong, JustinMah and I slept over WaiHong's place.
Yumcha and had Ramli Burger again.

Mah showed us countless numbers of Card tricks.
Awesome stuff.

Soon, we exchanged ghost stories instead with the lights off.
To get the feeling, you know.
When WaiHong told us about his mom's eerie encounter at around 4am,


we hear a high pitch sound. Dragging for soooo long.
All of us were in silence and got freaked out.

I mentioned to myself ;

"Stop pleaseee stop"

It stopped.

Then, the sound came back again. Louder and longer.

Everyone was like WHAT THE CRAP!
I swear my heart was beating so fast.
Mah hid himself under the blanket so comfortably. haha.

We can't identify and figure out what's the source of that sound.
Ignoring it would probably be the next best thing.

WaiHong : "Staying here so long, I've never heard this kind of sound in my house before."

It went on for almost an hour.
One grueling hour.

*using WaiHong's com now. Going breakfast soon.

See ya.

Apa plan for new year's eve?

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