Friday, January 04, 2008


I'm not excited bout 2008 at all.

Have to start college soon.

I wish I was even half excited as Jesse for college :\.


2007 was a year with ups and loads of downs. Yeap, the downs are definitely over-shadowing the ups.
I'm here to pay tribute to all my close mates, who helped me through the thick and thin.

This the 2008 eve was suppose to be the "bestest", the most memorable one.
Cause most of our friends are heading a different pathway,
We would be in different college.
Different state.
Different country.
& some even different continent.

Silly me, I didn't take any proper picture during New Year's Eve.
A number of us went to MayEe's 2nd home at Armani Terrace.

Thanks MayEe for inviting us to such cozy environment.

Ethan, who has a big ass holding a big ass Black Label.

Dina, is that your Adam's Apple?hahaha.


Then Dina accompanied me as we walk to the Curve at 1am+.
Meet up with some friends, did the Hi-HappyNewYear-Bye routine.
Suppose to meet up with CherylLum but she left before I'm able to get my ass over:p.

Dina & 2 drunk fella on the grass :b.


Spent my first night of 2008 at Joe's place.
It was just ;

Siang. WHY LA GO UK :(


Skip this picture if you wish not to damage your eye sight.
& yes myself.


Dog, say Hi to Cat.
Cat, say Hi to Dog.


A little note to my friends heading to United Kingdom.


Take care Jon.
You're a dude with big heart, and you are a great guy, a great friend.
You have been driving me around so much previously, when you get back from U.K. call me I DRIVE you around :D.
Let go what you've been holding on. For the better.
Now, just focus and study hard at U.K. and feel lucky to be able to go there cause not many people can afford it.
So, hope to see you soon Jon.

My all time bestest friend.
All the times we had together will be cherished and your absence will be deeply missed by me and others.
I hope you will do well in your studies and adapt at U.K..
Frankly speaking, such high education is not really necessary for you!
Help run your mom's business la.
Gonna miss your lame and humorous remarks which never fails to entertain us all the time but irritating us once a while seem inevitable haha :p.
Chinese New Year without you and ThianHong wouldn't be as good as before.

Dear all, I'm here to to say SerSiang is a nice guy and it's a waste if you have not know him in person.
Take care Siang.
Don't "Kanasai" so much there. They wouldn't understand it :).
Like you will say, with LOVE.



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