Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tongue Tied.


If most of you are wondering how I'm doing at UTAR, I can say I'm adapting, adapting to the surrounding, the new way of learning, the different circle of people.

The food there is very CHEAP.
The mixed rice with 3 dishes is only RM2.60.
4 dishes? RM3.00 .
Iced Milo? RM0.90 .
Teh Ais? RM0.80 .
Teh 'o' Ais? Rm0.70 .

Not to say their food is very yummy, but it's sufficient to supply me with chemical energy and keep me alive.

& sometimes, during like our 2 hour long lecture, it can get a little boring.


Last Friday, it was Tongs, Hua Yu & Sheng Jun's farewell party at the luxurious residential area of Setia Alam.
Thanks Belle & your mum for the ride there!

Tongs is leaving for Australia on the 10th Feb.

Shu Ling.


Shaun, Zac, I know you guys have a thing for me. haha.

Belle, Steph and Hang!

Check out Tongs' belly heehee!


& yesterday, I visited Daniel, Sarah and Syabil at their NS Camp at Kuala Kubu Baru, also known as KKB.

Much thanks to Sarah's parents who were so nice to ferry us there, us inclusive of ThianHong, Vincent, Joanna and Estee.

Of course we bought stuffs like food, and small gifts along.

Daniel totally have no access to Internet till 5th Feb. So the "Dan" you saw in his blog isn't him. I miss our NS trainee friends and Daniel's absence had made going online a little less interesting don't you think so?

Sarah also doing well there but bullied occasionally :\.
She dislikes the shoes, food and the long sleeve shirts all girls have to wear all the time :b.

& Syabil, he lose some weight! I don't have any pictures, but wait till you see him back here!

Right now, EXCLUSIVE pictures of Mr. Daniel Tan Boon Leong!

He's enjoying himself and adapting well there :). He's gonna be representing his Camp for Futsal.
According to him, there are many talented players there.


ThianHong and Daniel.

The bathing place.
But not Daniel and Syabil's.
They shower in some cleaner, more private but prohibited bathroom :b.

Daniel's messy bed with the picture of his family :).

He's not suppose to draw stuffs on his cupboard :b.

Syabil(he lost weight didn't he!), Vincent, Sarah, ThianHong, Joanna, Estee, Daniel & myself.


& attended KhyLi's Birthday dinner at City Star restaurant.
Good meal, thanks KhyLi!

The 18 year old!

Walked to 1u from Aman Suria.
It's quite a distance mind you.

This is Vincent in need to pee pee :b. If I'm not mistaken he's peeing somewhere near SMK Tropicana haha.

The gang who's gonna watch Cloverfield together !

We watched ;

THE most POTONG show ever.!
It's regarding a monster emerging from no where destroying and killing people of New York.
We all thought it was the climax, then not long later, tooott..

We all were stunned.

Plus, we've not had a good view of that Cloverfield Monster! Bleh!

But this is what I found in Google. heee.

The other group who's about to leave.

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