Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh, don't you just miss school.

No more school for me, and I would like to do a little reminiscence on it.

No school means ;
no more goofy moments with my classmates.

no more the-best-time-of-the-week / PJK TIME

no more participating in MSSD athletics.

no more MSSD Softball.

no more promoting for class's stall for school carnival.

no more LEO happenings.

no more fun moments with the scout friends.

no more dressing up as a nerd for class play for the sake of the whole school's laughter!

no more surprise Mickymitez performance.

no more silly posing for Moral projects.

no more canteen food.

no more futsal tournaments school level / inter-club.

no more training like mad for athletics.

no more staying back after school to train for our relay event.

no more, Sports Day. The most anticipated event of the year, for me.

no more winning medals like I use to do.

did I miss out on anything?
I'm sure I did cause there's so much about school I miss.


The other night, (or rather morning haha)

with ThianHong and BumBum

Supposely somewhere to sit down to watch Man. Utd against Aston Villa but ThianHong insisted he would rather watch it in my house, so yeah we hung around at my place.


Jonathan just flew off.

ThianHong's going back Melbourne soon.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

I can drive legally soon too hee.

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