Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Wonder of Acupuncture

With recommendation from ThianHong, he brought me to Aunty Heng to let her treat my ankle for good.
Acupuncture style.

Initially, I was not very convinced by this method of treatment, but ThianHong insisted it is good.
The needle was suppose to "revive" some cells and I've came to learn that my ligament was torn.

My whole self was kinda stiff as the needle pierce into my flesh.
& nope it isn't all that pain.

The very first needle.

More needles and wires are connected to them.
Then, electric current are passed through and I can feel my leg vibrate as it gets 'electrocuted'.


A couple of minutes later, I feel really dizzy and I passed out.
This is due to the fact I didn't had lunch before the treatment & the voltage was slighty too high for a first-timer.
Doing that treatment with an empty stomach is not recommended.

I passed out and the next moment I realize I'm on the floor with ThianHong holding my legs to aid the blood circulation to my brain.

At that moment, I feel so motionless.

Plus some struming with oilment and the Bull's Horn, I can feel all the major pain at my ankle went off just like that.
Miraculous stuff.

Now, I'm just waiting for my torn tendon to heal.


The acupuncture method is highly efficient and strongly recommend by me.
This traditional way of treatment has been certified and it can aid various injuries, common discomfort such as migrain, poor appetite, and even for health care.

Wish to know more, you can speak to ThianHong or myself for Madam Heng's contact.



I watched SAW IV with Siang, ThianHong, WeiGuan & Lisa.
Not a show for the faint-hearted.

Dr. Jig Saw is dead, but the game has just begun!
So-so ni la. SAW I & SAW II was much better I thought.


The DIM SUM breakfast was scrumptious.
Mmmhm :).
Thanks Lisa :D.


Dinner at Fridays.

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