Monday, November 26, 2007

Currently the biggest turning point of our life.

Yes yes at turning point, dy/dx = 0

But no I'm not talking bout Add Maths here.
I just hate the uncertainties in life.


Give me a break, SPM just ended!
At least for the Pure Science students who didn't bother taking additional subjects.

Right after our Biology paper, we were invited for a celebration at our very cool classteacher's house at SS3, Pn. Joyce Lim.

WeiKit & WengHoe drove there.

Izwan & Izzat helping themselves with the food. Haha Hi Pang Wayne.

Ezmir started video-taking even in the midst of SPM.
He's also the dude who used the sword to pierce through that Sejarah Textbook as you can see down there.
Earlier today, he lighted a fire cracker instantly after our Bio paper ended.
Infamous&Notorious - [IN], no?

Ethan can do wonders with that long tongue of his. In this case, YongMeng(sex target) knows best.

WeiKit and his look-a-like sculpture next to him. Can't see?

Haha see the resemblance?


Thank you Pn. Joyce for everything.
Gonna miss all of you guys.

& yes Ashton all the best in furthering your studies in Russia!

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