Friday, November 02, 2007

These memories are playing like a film without sound.

So, we've come to the end of our secondary school life.
I'm utterly glad I've mostly cheerful and happy moments in my school life, hopefully it's like-wise for you guys too.

The 2nd Last Day of School;
also the last time we're gonna play at the school field like monkeys.

The rugby aftermath.

The Last Day of School.

From being Ex-Taman Megah student to Ex-DJian. Time passed so fast !

Intimating. Warning, nightmare might strike you tonight.

KarMay with a whole bunch of boys.

Once upon a time, there was 2 gay hippopotamus, haha.

I've no idea what's going on :b.

Buddha in disguise.

Whose assets are those?

Its KitWeng-the-Hyperactive-Cat-I've-spend-5-years-in-the- same-class-with-MengLeong :D

A buddy that will always make you laugh with his jokes and silly remarks, haha.

Leon is damn cool :D.

Let's hold hands & sing a long !

YuSzen looking good.

But WeiKit thinks this is when YuSzen looks best. haha.

Picture #1 : Ethan & Tree.

Picture #2 : Ethan & Tree. :b
See the resemblence?Haha.

Some of the 5 Cengal boys with the "Belian Chicks"

Chuckie(Jonathan) left Larry for Jimmy.

Suppose to be an "emo" session at the pavillion la, what is this?haha. (check out Ethan's expression, the good ol' pornstar:D. Ethan's good, haha)


& it's still bulan Syawal if you're unaware so, Khairil had his Raya Open House.

There was shisha, good food, and good company.
& live Man. Utd vs. Arsenal which ended in a draw! What the heck.

Then Erwin, Siang and WaiHong drove to school. Not too sure why we were there as well.

We were there, fed the mosquitoes and drove around.
I drove Erwin's car, thanks Erwin :b.

Everyone in the car is driving-literate except for the dude at the driver seat. hahaha.

Dina, you look like a cat here :b.

Familiar sight?


& despite the fact that SPM is just around the corner, a few friends & I attended DUMC's LOUD concert.

& supper at Williams.

Why must it be so tough?
If only things were easier.
Well, you know I'll be there.


Sabrina said...

Yes, ManU and Arsenal DID draw.

But the fact is,


BYE! :)

debra fong said...

khei sze + ethan = TANNED GEEEKS!