Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'll be taking my driving lessons at this moment if its not for SPM.

Anyway, my birthday was brighten up by Dina, Steph & Aunty Farah. Aunty Farah brought us to Baskin Robins for ice-creams!

A Man. Utd. pillow from Dina, WeiKit & Steph, Cookies, Muffins & AngPau from Aunty Farah :) ,
and yeah from Syabil too.
Joyful me :D.

Us back when we were 15.

Thank you YongMeng, WeiKit & the rest for arranging the mini surprise celebration at school, haha really thoughtful of you guys, sorry but no kisses =\.

Hmm maybe when my XY chromosome changes to XX? :b

Haha YongMeng, thanks for arranging it, we've been through alot, haven't we?
For example;

"Eh YongMeng, why so small one?" (hey, am I that fair? or yongmeng is just tanned?)

& not to forget I reaally do appreciate all those birthday wishes, I've got ever-flowing messages and a number of phone calls.
Those who were there at the canteen, singing along the birthday song,
You know who you guys are, so yeah, THANK YOU :D!!

Okay, back to study mode.
I adore my friends :) .

*Steph, Dina, send me the pictures of us when you do upload them? Thanks :).


I wish SPM was over :\

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