Saturday, October 13, 2007

S'lamat Hari Raya !

Raya oh Raya.
As long as you're not sitting for SPM this year, I guessed you are pretty much enjoying the moment.

So as part of my SPM preparations, I went to Tropicana's Library today.
Did Chemistry, with KheiSze guiding me!

& is Raya a good day to come out to the library? Cause today, the library was literally packed!

WeiMing and Marcus unintentionally dressed in Yellow; checking out Terry's Yellow book.

Sister-Stalker(inside joke) and Micky-Lover.haha

Fatimah and Feroz. Where's Fardina?

Meet Chuck(Jonathan), he brought Larry(Dillion) along.

YongMeng and Stephanie.

WE ARE THE STUDENTS OF TOMORROW!! (okay, what was that for?)

Debbie Webbie was there too! But she was too engrossed with her books, she didn't mix around with us much :b.
Even Adrianism and TianHung was there, doing accounts :D.

.. this is Larry(Dillion) maneuvering Chuckie's(Jonathan) car.


There's one a restaurant that serves scrumptious Pan Mee at a reasonable price at Aman Suria.
The chillies were so delicious, it goes well with the Pan Mee.
Was it Bao Bao restaurant?

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