Monday, October 15, 2007

I love Raya Open House at Dina's place.

Its that time of the year where we all gather at Dina's house.

THANK YOU Dina for inviting me to your open house again :D.

But of course this year wasn't that cheerful cause Faisal and Fazil wasn't around cause both are studying aboard.

Today, we got the priviledge to dress up in Baju Melayu, courtesy of Dina.
Those were Uncle Fuad's and Fazil's.

Frankly speaking, I do love those Baju Melayu!
To those have yet to put Baju Melayu on, I tell you its so comfortable, you can wear it to sleep!

So since I'm dressed up in Baju Melayu, I shall address myself as Feroz ; The name Dina gave me 2 years ago, haha.


I came early, to pick the range of Baju Melayu for myself that Dina got for me, and she taught me how to put 'em on:D.

Serena C. was there too :O.

When the day was still young.

Jonathan was complaining bout being short in this picture.
Auntie Farah comforted him by saying ;

"Jonathan, its not the height that matters. Its the LENGTH." HAHA:D

Auntie Farah's asam laksa was fantastic. So was the rendang. Hmmmmm.

Wow ayu belaka :D.

Haha SerSiang good luck scanning the Bio papers since its your turn now :b.

Woah pass as Guess Model laaa. Don't worry, the socks you're wearing shall make you look more sophisticated.

We have lots of model-in-the-making friends. haha

Stephanie, YongMeng has never been luckier :D.

:O Malay can have more than 1 wife ;)?

Fatimah, Feroz dengan Fardina . :)


YuSzen needs attention.
When we were suppose to take a "Malay Family" photo;

=_="Do you see him at the side? =_=""

Now's better. Haha sorry YuSzen :b.
& did you notice SerSiang was wearing a 3-quarter pants?hahahah so obsene.

This is your Malay name dictionary.

Fardina - Fardina
Stephanie - Fatimah
MengLeong - Feroz
YongMeng - Yunus
SerSiang - Salleh
Jonathan - Johan
Jesse - Jaza
Jane - Mahyun (haha)

Ok it was fun giving names.

Hannah Chan and I :D.haha.

Wow, ini pun ayu :D.

Except Sab who left early and Grace + WeiJing who were in the toilet:\?


I should really really focus on SPM now:\.

After SPM, Dina Steph Siang, Lagoon again? :D

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