Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stephanie's 17th Birthday!

6th of October, Miss Wong Kah Mun(Stephanie)'s birthday! :D
this got to be a memorable one, it was well prepared by her ever caring boyfriend, YongMeng.

Furthermore, its held in YongMeng dad's luscious looking house, at Country Heights.
Beautiful place to be, breath-taking uphill scenery, well-groomed vertical garden, house powered by solar energy and many moree!
I think I lost count , how many stories was the house?
3 and a half?or 4?
There's even open-air shower! How nice! Walking around the place naked. Good stuff.

If only YongMeng has a younger sister, damn it.


Regarding the party, Ashley, SerSiang, Jonathan, Sarah and WaiHong drove all the way there.
Helped to carry goods all the way to the place.

The pool at the 2nd or 3rd floor? Despite the confined space of the pool, you can devour the beautiful scenery there.The celebrated one with a cake baked by YongMeng and WeiKit's mom! Haha you should have seen Steph mom's reaction, she was like, i-want -you-to-marry-YONGMENG-soon-kinda-thing, haha. Not directly of course!

All together!


*for more pictures and proper update, visit HweeChing's blog.
Its 2.30am now. *yawn.

YongMeng, after SPM can we have orgy there :D?haha.

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