Friday, September 28, 2007

Reminiscence on Softball.

There was once, I never thought I would understand the game of softball. But now, I can look back with pride as I even achieved a honourable position at the state level by representing Petaling. The sweet sound of the bat hitting the ball, the great pleasure upon catching fast moving balls, running from base to base like you've been chased by a mad dog. Not to mention, we've bonded well among the players and teammates turned to best friends. Totally miss playing.




We might be having a game soon, well, it better be that way! :D


Ethan said...

Whoa my SUPER FREAKING COOL picture is there! :D

Nimalan D said...

Ahha you'll owe me la for calling you'll to play

maymay said...

damnit..i miss mr chia..='[

wonder how he's doing..

MengLeong said...

ethan : how can i miss that out?:b

nimalan : yeaaa man :)

maymay : bet he's doing all fine :)

Justin said...

brings back memories, seriously how i miss the times

softball camp rocked even more, except for the bum on my mouth -.- haha

Dina said...

softball camp.

Serious joke really.

MengLeong said...

justin - don't worry, you've still got another year to spare. go all the way!

dina - well who can doubt we had great fun at that fun softball camp.
the fake-aircon-ghost incident, sersiang caught on camera while pee-ing, the scrumptious chicken taugeh :D!