Saturday, September 15, 2007

Holy smoly.

So today was DJ Futsal Tournament.
Gay gay gay.
TFD lost at the early stage of quarterfinals.
We've got numerous chances but Lady Luck must have hated us lately.

Anyway to all other teams, credits to them they did well.
and Baby Blue Butterfly was the surprise of the tournament.
They got into the finals thanks to PhanJon the Heroic goalkeeper and SerSiang equalising goal in the semifinals when he just got sub in! Luck was shining brightly on them and they also did work hard.
So if we do play against the Baby Blue Butterflies some other time, please do give us Donkeys some chance?
Oh and well done to Team God who was the overall winner of the tournament ; Good job guys.

So yeah, I don't have decent pictures, so I don't think I'll go on any further.
This might be TFD's last time participating in a futsal tournament, but I definitely hope it isn't.

But please do visit TFD's site for a proper review on the tournament done by Daniel.

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