Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random Facts.. Again.

I can't find many things on my agenda to blog about, so I'll just list out some random facts to kill time.

  • Screw it, we've got a whole lot of Gerak Gempur papers to sit.
  • I scored A1 for Add Maths and yes I'm delighted with my score.
  • I suck in Chemistry and Biology.
  • NEVER sleep before 12am since...God knows when.
  • KNOWS sleeping late can indirectly shorten life.
  • TFD is taking part in DJ Futsal tournament on the 15th of September.
  • SERSIANG will taking part in the incoming DJ Futsal tournament as a member of team Baby Blue Butterfly.
  • SerSiang is also the gonna be the player wearing jersey NUMBER 7 for team Baby Blue Butterfly. So do come and check out this cool futsal tournament.
  • PUASA starts NEXT WEEK.
  • YongMeng is no longer an Arsenal fan, he supports "VALENCIA" now, haha.
  • YongMeng is also a sex-target in the class, haha.
  • Our schooling days is coming to an end.
  • Around 66 more days to SPM.
  • Joshua Thomas FINALLY passed his MATHEMATICS (damn loser, haha=p).
  • YiChing is now known as Rei which means, beauty :).
  • I love stuffs with Swoosh on it.
  • I'm getting flabby. No, seriously.
  • I'm half-hearted on going to Prom.
  • Frustrated that my dad only allows me to take my driving lessons after SPM.
  • I know a handful of people whose birthday falls on 18th September.
  • Hannah Tan/Jamie Yeo/Marion Caunter = YUMMY <3.
  • I'm excited with how Kesatria will do in the years to come.
  • Ethan is good in Maths/Add Maths.
  • I missed the great times I had in the past.
  • I adore Aunt Farah's cookies/muffins :D.
  • Joyce can cook/bake . Good stuff=D.
  • Khairil is one unstopable-goal-scoring machine.
  • Ariff's hand is HEALED.
  • YuSzen used to address long jump as FAR JUMP.
  • Doing Add. Maths. is my latest hobby.
  • Thian Hong will be back on the 22nd November.
  • I want candies to sweeten up my life.


Ethan said...

Haha Yong Meng is a sex target. SHHH! Class secret la! Change change change! :D

Oh yeah my maths is okay la. Nothing to scream about also.

MengLeong said...

haha nvm la no need shy shy about it, i know yongmeng doesnt mind.

who knows, pn koh might be secretly screaming in joy ;).

Rei ` said...

Heh ! REI! :D

SianG said...

Coming 15 September remember to give chance u know. Lucky got 3 league. Tomorrow I'm gona train hard.

Dina said...

Ethan teach me maths.

Uh huh uh huh someone is sucking up to my muuuuuuummm!

Too bad she doesn't read your blog anymore, I disallowed it.
She nows knits and rocks in her rocking chair like every old woman her age does.

MengLeong said...

yiching - :)

siang - all the best in training!

dina - the cookies and muffins are good la and im not d only one who thinks so. haha