Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Tooth.

yummm, candy!


Will be attending May Ee's surprise birthday celebration later.
Don't worry SerSiang, it'll turn out fine and she'll be surprised!
Its 12pm now. Unless she comes online now and see this post on my blog, haha.
Doubt so!

Look May Ee, how lucky you are! :)

Happy early birthday to you ;

and also Miss Ketchup aka. Grandmaster of Bimboness, Cheryl!


Ethan said...

That's the wrong type of Candy you want la. :D

MengLeong said...

haha er that will do for now.

maymay said...

meng leong..thanks for coming..=D

and i am gonna kill u for posting up that pic again..=D

MengLeong said...

its a good shot!

yongmeng and i try imitating that pose but we failed of course :p.

maymay said...

awww..thanks for the sarcasm!!XD
just joking..i looked like and egyptian duck..of course u two couldn't do it!
only reatrds like me could do it..XD!!
but thanks!