Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finally met up with Thian Hong!

Aaah, the long awaited moment is here.
Thian Hong is still pretty much like his old self & he mentioned it was like he left Malaysia just recently.
Delighted to meet him, thought he had loss some fats and gained more defined muscles!
Haha go try arm-wrestling with him.

We had supper at Williams and had our catching up session, everyone was in great mood.
Time seems to pass real fast when you're in the midst of enjoyment, we left around 12.15am .
I know, we're out although SPM has yet to be over, but worth while seeing Thian Hong.

If you know Thian Hong well, you will note that he is that kind of dude that goes,

"Eh Siang I hungryy la. Let's go Mohsin and eat please. & spend me ya"

Haha that was previously. We were all pretty stunned by the fact that he insisted on paying for the food we ate at Williams.
Instantly they know this is a rare occasion and insisted this should be posted up on my blog haha.
Plus, the bill was RM70.

"WAA so expensive. But nevermind nevermind it is worth while guys " - The cheerful personality of Hongster.

Have I mention I dislike eating in Williams?
The way they charge on the food is unethical. We ordered one platter of chicken/ham/lamb, Double Indomee & drinks.
That adds up to RM70!

The way the guy counts,

"Aaah ini RM35, ini RM6 ini blabla.."

I doubt they even have fixed price on their food and easily round up the price, sucking the money out of your wallet.
I think that the authorities should charge and summoned such places that charge overpriced food.

You might suggest they served in epic proportions but still, I am not changing my thought on it that the food there is overpriced. However, you still can see the place is crowded with customers alike. Mr. William must be a flithy rich dude.


Volleyball tomorrow.!
Very "nais" :D.


I think I'm currently suffering from a eating disorder.
I can go really hungry, but no appetite to eat.

Can anyone suggest was is the cause.?
  • Stress?
  • Hormone changes (waaa like period arh) ?
  • Aging?
  • The fact that I did not do vigorous exercise since sports' day?
  • Single?

Any doctors around?

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