Saturday, November 24, 2007

Not satisfied with your Chemistry paper?

For your information, I'm pretty much a Chemistry-noob.
However I thought that this year's SPM Chemistry paper was pretty easy.
A Chemistry-noob can say that, I bet most of you science students felt the same.

Oh, just a note if you were busy revising for Bio/Econs/Accounts/ICT and no time to read the newspaper.

If you were busy revising, you wouldn't be here checking my blog, would you? haha.

Star newspaper - Page 24.

"Students must not worry about losing any marks"
"If it is our mistake we will make the necessary adjustments so they will not be disadvantaged"

-The Malaysian Examinations Syndicate Director Datuk Mohammed Zakaria Mohd Noor

So worry not!
No big deal :)


Oh yes.
A couple of days after our History paper is history, Ezmir sent me this.
I thought I should share it with you guys.

"Muahahahaha! Pierced thru 284 pages of evil! " - quoted by the all time Infamous & Notorious [IN] Ezmir.

That's one sharp sword.
But why la go destroy that book, I wouldn't do that.
Tak sampai hati.
Got memories and my sweat(and also drools) on it.


liyiesther.C said...

lolz... you killed the Sejarah book!

MengLeong said...

not meee,
my friend did and he sent me the picture!

i wouldn't do that :b