Monday, December 05, 2005

what a crazee night.

it has been quite a while since i update my blogg.
due to 12 hours of working for 12 days straight.=.=....zzzz

dun wry im backk in action!!hehehe

on dec 3, it was lisa's party.her bday party.and her farewell party..she's so fun..its gona b suckie without herr.byeee lisa.=(.

somehow...i was working...cudnt confirm whether i can make it for d party...siang managed to escape by falling sick.but i was in doubt.somehow d manager excused us and allow me to leave early...YAY!

so i was changing in the toilet...doin my stuff...den rhema called.she's fetching me and others to Modesto.before that....we got to wait for weiguan to pluck her eye brows....shes already running out of eye brows!=p.

rhema's mum picked us up and we headed to rhema's hse.d girls get dressed up, while rhema's mum go pick thian hong and cheang ee from the skool.we waited in rhema's hse...d girl's aint done yet.

huh....while waiting....we guys do some story telling.....hahahaa

FINALLY.d girls r

somehow THIAN HONG is complaining that he's HUNGRY.

we squeeze 5 ppl at d back of rhema's car...we were finding out hus d lightest and all....well i am the i got to sit on thian hong.CUZ HES D HEAVIEST.

he somehow got "in between me" and shaked his legg.urghh.u know, some part of a guy is sensitive to vibrations.=.=.somehow i cudnt keep my head straight.ahhhhh!poor me!

-a shot from rhema's view-

- shot from wei guan's view.-

thian hong's still complaining tat hes hungry.=.=

reached Modesto ..saw lots of guai lo there...i suppose there wud b lots of chicks ...hehe

we chat...modesto got pretty nice couch.haha.den food is ready, there goes thian hong.hahaa.the food was nice.

then theres Dj and great music.siang make use of d couch to he is feeling not so good..somehow we'r required to dance...i really cudnt imagine sersiang dancing..cud u..?haha

i felt really bad sitting down on d couch not doin anything..yikes lisa wanted us to dance so badly...then thian hong was d most sporting...where he went to d dance floor with me...hehee

-thian hong showing leong d right way to dance...hahaha!-

then theres this girl...hold my shoulder and pulled me to join her.her name was illa.she stayed at paris and uk...and just return back to m'sia recently...she was happening and fun to be with, but dun misunderstood dat im after her.plss.and i NEVER DANCE BEFORE.*shame shame*

here r some pics of illa and me.

-debra , we'r just dancing.we'r not goin to hav sex.plss-

-i looked supa dupa fat..

den theres bday song for lisa...

then we to0k some group photos...

bye lisa.

saw this guai lo couple french kissing for farking long on d comfy couch.2 hours?might b longer than dat.i can drive to ipoh in 2 hours.=.=.tat couple actually went into d girl's washroom..together.YIKES.enough sed.=pi found out tat d guy is 13 and d girl was 14.honestly, d girl was hot.there were like on top of each other..changed

i we went home around 12++....i was suppose to sleepover in siang's hse but ended up landing on thian hong's hse.rhema's mum picked us up from hartamas square...rhema must b really lucky to b xcorted by 4 hunks.Haha.den...we took photos like fool...hahahaha.

-fellow bachelors.-

-collars up.-

-siew haurr(down), thian hong(cute), mengleong(busy sms-ing.-

Lisa your party was marvelous....=)

there u more mud-tripping and shin kicking.=\.

So long.


yingxian* said...

you didnt tell the whole story!

MengLeong said...

almost almost!

..::maymay::.. said...!!! u tryin to say siang sucks at dancin now izzit??..IZZIT???......................................................actually i agree lar...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!!!!!!jokin!!!

debra fong said...

just admit you wanna have sex with the girl.



MengLeong said...

debra wan mr. sexy.

debra fong said...


ehh,meng leong.!u better shudup.
or else u'll die.!!

MengLeong said...


Dina said...

Let's throw a party, just for dancing :)

And who knows you might end up making out for 2 hours too. :D

MengLeong said...

Hahaha.doubt one to make out with=p.

Dina said...

That girl seriously look like Sin Seanne!

MengLeong said...

dun say tat..its like a turn off..Xp

yingxian* said...

actually she's right. that girl looks like sin seanne. and what do you meannn turn off!