Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Long , fun day. =).not to forget, the tiring walks.healthy eh?

rolled down from my bed.
recalled today's a toys-short-briefing-dina-steph-siang-me-fun-day.

still aching from rolling down d bed.

stepped into sunway piramid..alone.
had a morning walk in d mall.and peeped at girls ice-skating.

how PATHETIC.mengleong peeping at girls skating and had a morning walk in d mall??n0 life!haha.yes indeed.no life.=p

i met up with siang, jane and faye.
liked the toyss there.



they just hav it..
haha.[we get to play those toys for freee!]hehe

feeling jealous??
u sud.ehehe.

den siang and me ate had our lunch at..URGH. MC DONALDS.
the place where i got traumatised.

had our long "guy talk"..


and waited.

and waited.

we were waiting for the two beauties.
[the helen-look-a-like aka fardina & yesh, shakira aka stephanie wong.]

didnt know wat took them so long...guess they were having a hard time choosing the clothe to wear..?or helen of troy ter-meet paris?i dunno.

doesnt matter though.their sweet looks just made our Sien-ness from the hours waiting fade away.

walked to sunway lagoon.passed the carpark where dina claimed was scary.haha.

we were farking frustated.no one brought camera.awww man it wud b so fun if we brought to catch our "aw-some/ful" pose.

went in..where steph and dina welcomed themselves wif a shout when they stepped into sunway lagoon.hahaha

we go sit some DRY rides.d weather wasnt promising...looks like its gona rain.thanks to this indian dude....

Indian Dude : EHHH sudah mandi arrr

ME : Er er...sikit basah laa.

Indian Dude : Cepatt mandii nanti hujannnn..
ME : owh. -.-"

[he actually meant that we sud go to the wet park before it rains...i tot he asked me to bathe.yikes.]

we somehow WALKED to d wet park.sat all d wet rides.

we all exchange partner...

when i sat wif dina....we cudnt see anything tat time and dina felt sumthin on her head.it wasnt me.she tot it was me and she got my leg.at d end, our float flipped.yikes.

it was me alrite.xp

felt stronger after carrying dat float for several rounds...haha

den went to d pool.squirk some water.wet our bodies.hehe..den we saw pn. wong with her kids.

we walked d bridge....saw a cameraman at d pool shooting some scene.we somehow, greeted, waved and even posed at the cameraman, hoping to take these two hot chicks and two hot guys, instead of dat fat lady.urgh.

we WALKED back to d dry park....greeted d tigers .

admiring tiggie..

and waved goodbye to the tigers.


we tried ferries-wheel.FUN.ITS LIKE THE BEST RIDE EVER.

sat d rapid thingie.where we found out that waters r attracted to a rare specimen named, Lim Ser Siang.he got d "high pressured water-or watever he claims".twice.exactly on him.haha.

siang dun attract just girls, but water as well.lol.

despite the drizzles, we headed for d snake-ride thingie.
this indian dude...not the one who asked me to bathe, its another one, gave dina a "flower". and asked her to keep it and bring it home.hahahahaha.d flower is more like leaves though?lol.enjoyed it, changed position and went for d second time.and there that indian dude go again, where he reminded dina to bring tat flower along. o. O is he interested in u, dina??hahahaha.then, there comes d 18sg part.

d content below might contain excessive violent / horrifying scenes.



sat spinning-boots-thingie to dry us up.Haha.

really...really COLD.

dina wanted to sit d merry-go-round.but, she cant go in.too tall.haha, next time, other place though.

we changed....left lagoon and headed piramid for dinner.


bought some candy
den catched a movie, hairy pottie.it was d 2nd time for siang, dina, me.but since steph haven watch....so its fine la.so COLD.i was in my shorts.everyone is COLD.

siang went esprit to get a shirt..then siang went home wif his mum.

dina's parents fetched steph and me home.
Auntie Farah was explaining to Steph why Roy Keane was fired from Man. Utd....damn cute la...haha..

reached home.took a nice shower.all done.=) thinking...wat a enjoyable day...=D

-working at lower ground floor...in front of studio r.next to lecka lecka.selling toys.not toys'rus though.-

"Feeling young?come join us...hav a look at our awesome toys...its never too old to play.=).and dun forget...to BUY.hehe."


Nimalan D said...

i gotta ask.so why did roy keane get fired

debra fong said...

roy keane got fired becoz he was way lousier than me in football.WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

MengLeong said...

Haha.ask auntie farah then.hehehe

debra???better in football?????well...pigs can fly then..=p


MengLeong said...

if its as sed by debra, many ppl will get fireed then.=p

erm....according to auntie farah....its like he made bad remarks bout the team...something like insulting...so ferguson cant take it anymore or something lidet.

wEngfAi said...

zzz ... they should have gone with ballack earlier .. roy keane is just too much ..

Dina said...

HAHAAHAHAH, yes my mum was so annoying.
It was quite fun wasn't it?

Funny entry, laughing the whole way, recalling all the stupid stuff we did that day.


We have to go sit that log thing again! Probably the indian dude is still there to give me a flower. Nyahaha.

MengLeong said...

its was so enjoyable.
yea sure thing dina.=D