Tuesday, November 08, 2005

this post wud b about Mc Donald's...

like everyone of u....i always thought Mc Donald's damn clean place and great place to eat......well all my thoughts changed when i worked there...so, i would like to share my working experience with u all...

on the first day, i stepped into the kitchen...that was my first impression...the floor is freaking oily.....horrible....

on the first few days....i was given responsibility at the lobby.well what i do is wipe the table....throw other people's waste....refill customer's drinks...send them the food they ordered....my nightmare came true....someone vomitted.great.it was no easy task....i walked none stop!my leg hurts....well...its work...what to do...

d ppl hu were working der were :

-lee jane[deserts]

-thian hong[kitchen]

-yoong ken[lobby]

-zac vin[kitchen]

-choon seng[fries]

-chern jie[everywhere.]hehe.

-yu szen[din see him nowadays....]

and some others who r suppose to join mc D but they pull out and join gsc instead....*u know who u are.....*haih...

then i was asked to work in the kitchen.

i cooked.....

-fillet burger

-apple pie


-chicken burger

-mc chicken burger

-mc deluxe burger

-Mc D Chicken

-Spicy Chicken

-yummy?think again.-

the lettuce is soo dirty.....yuck....

well......d chicken foldover,mc egg and beef burgers are under zac vin.hahaha.

when u work at mc donalds....d managers der wun let us breathe....if dey see u standing still doing nothing, they will screw you.screw them back.most of them are damn eff up, but ders one hus damn nice.

d workers there.....some r friendly some r irritating.

theres once, this indian girl, damn sucker.i was breaking with thian hong......we eating....and then this girl....she sed...she damn fed up of french fries....den...she took thian hong's fries and kept on eating it.den....she irritated us by eating our nuggets....she took thian hong's nugget and tear into half...what the heck who wants ur other half?!?!?!she drank choon seng's drink when he din allow her to do so.....i just go 5 more days at mc D....till den....so long suckaaa.we must take our break next to d toilet and rubbish.it stinks.

we have to say "THANK YOU" whenever we receive instruction or order....for example....


ME: "thannnnnk youuu......"-.-


ME: "thannnnnnk youuu......"-.-

d working surrounding sucks.dunno how the long term workers there can TAHAN mann.

well....der r reasons u sud work at mcdonalds....and ders oso reason for u NOT to work at Mc Donalds....

good things.

-free meal.

-good pay.

-free badge

-hot collegues with really hot uniform.


bad things.

-everyday mcdonald's food.EVERYDAY

-we only have 30 minutes break.

-unreasonable managers

-we have to wear cap.all the time.screw it.

-we got to FORCE ourselves to say "thank you" all the time.



-the earlier u eat, the better.cus....later on, d oil will turn BLACK.

-try not to order food during peak hours.if d workers drop d bun, they dun just put it back.

-inform me if u all r coming to mcDonalds and eat.i shall prepare the food the best way possible=)-

mcdonalds.....i guess its not that bad.probably im exagerating.=p


debra fong said...

my friend who is working in shakey's said dun eat the food in shakey's coz it's dirty and sucks.

now u work in mc d's,u say try not to eat there coz the lettuce is dirty and then they put back the buns and make mcd's sound totally a disgusting place to eat.

lols.!eat where huHhhH!!when i come to mcd's,u better make sure my food is clean or else i'll kill you if i have food poisoning after dat.!

Nimalan D said...

eh i like mcds la.now u scaring me only .haha.wat u mean by he drop the bun dun just put it back?wat does he do with it

..::maymay::.. said...

eh...after seein ur blog rite...i dun dare to eat fast food ever again man...like damn disgusting...lol...YUCK!!!...and i can imagine zac vin spiiting into watevar he is makin jus becoz the customer scolded him..YUCK!!!! NEVER GO TO MCD'S!!!!

yong meng said...

Hey! i cant stand that body of yours ledi!!! hahahaha

I challenge YoU!!! =)


MengLeong said...


..::maymay::.. said...

oh..mcd's a bit weird lar..i was readin the paper's today...and there was this flier tat sez..new tea time bulllshit...and then..at the bottom it says no mcdelivery..elo?? hu is goin to drive all the way to mcd's jus to get a set of coffee and nuggets?? or tea and fries??

Dina said...


And I so LOVE the people working there too :)

Steal for me a Sausage McMuffin!
I always miss it!
They should serve Sausage McMuffin all daaay!

wEngfAi said...

Well .. I am always there everyday .. Just ask ken .. he sees me everyday .. Ahahha

debra fong said...