Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jane's 15

form 1.this girl hu chased gabryel cause he teased her.she got him and gave him a few smack.i was wondering..."ahh..hus dis girl."
got to know her better as time passed.
she was my partner during athletic training last year.
dose jogging...
she loves visiting the orphans and shower them with care and affection.
we paired up to create this banner for our beloved national champion dynamitez.shes a part of dynamitez now.
as i know shes an all rounder.i use to think she wud b a goood wife in the future.
a great runner because she can run....faster den siang.=P
call her if u want a round of futsal.
my partner for rockclimbing.
she see wenken in towel before.
she knows d mcdonalds icecream system well.
d time where we shoot each other with the gun and get electric shock.
she can get u free lecka lecka ice-cream.wana know how?ask her.hehe
we tried to seduce uncles and aunties for more coins for funfair.
shes a great gal.
she's Jane.

birthday celebration at arena
the coolest plan ever.

i thought.

alright, things started like this.

weng fai me yongmeng with our typical "gay chat".

bored as usual..

wengfai : ehhh tmrw i dunno what to wear leh.
me : haiyo same ere..
wengfai : ...
me : EHH. i got an idea.LETS DRESS LIKE
and limegreen giordano,and burberry!

wengfai : yeaa man.
me : lets shop for giordano shirt tomorrow..!

wengfai : i got and limegreen.
me : wa.settle.i got burberry.
wengfai : aih tmrw go 1u siang sure wear his burberry wan.

me : k la lidet.i wear pink. u hit d limegreen.while yongmeng can hav my
wengfai : OKAY.
me : yong meng, u wear my burberry....0kay?

yongmeng: kk.

well there u hav it.d "gay"-but-not-really-gay-threesomes


we went to get a present for jane...
wanted to get horny pills from gizmo.=p

but run out of stock.

so i went to d magic sand corner.
so get this sand bottle with messages for her.
saying "We Love Jane."=)


a gang of us wished her at the Oval.
then we ate at ms. read.

yun soon was like....
"'seeing the price of d food made me no appetite laa.
what the hell.i got to ask them why is it so expensive.
waiteerrrr.y is the food so expensive???!!?!?!"

waiter: this is d highstreet..its a expensive restaurant.

"oooh.espensive restaurant?????wat kind of material do u all use?its like d same thing with mamak stalls.i can spend 10 bucks and eat till my stomach explode at mamaks.aih.plain water.thats all i want."

i must admit.we do spent alot on food.
while i was working mcdonalds salary worth 600 bucks vanished.
not cause i bought lots of stuffs.i spend on my meals in 1u.

ate weijing's cheesecake.
its not bad.
she deserve my praise.
good wife in the future.*thumbs up.

(i got the thing for girls who can cook=p)

den i went to jane's hse with siang,jade.adrian joined us later on.countdown for her bday.

we chat.....
check out her dad's pond...(it was nice)
den wen adrian called, we went to pick him up.
i picked her dad's flipflop.while siang put on jane's flipflop.d shiny blue one.hahahaha.
we climbed out her hse over the fence to a condominium area for shortcut.
jane's mum thought we were thieves and she was terrified.Hahaha.

picked adrian up...den we decided not to climb..walk the long way instead.
and we raced back home.Hahaha.
i climbed in through d front gate.jane climbed in by the wall.same goes for adrian and siang.we did this because jane din bring d remote for her gate.
d funniest part when jane opened the place where d rubbish is and asked jade to go from der cause jade cudnt climb.=p
jade din wana use that went in her hse and opened d gate for her.Haha jade got a grand opening just for her.


den faye fetched us to 7eleven to get snacks and probably some alcholic drinks.
i took jolly shandy.same goes for others except for adrian hu took some beer.

gathered around the table outside by the pond.

so we were waiting the clock to strike 12.


ehhh.its almost 12.almost 12.7 minutes more accourding to my phone.
Haha really..?
n0laaa.mine 2 more minutes.
minee 3 more minutes woh.


den we opened our alcoholic drinks and munch on d snacks.
she started receiving birthday wishes through sms....

knowing that jane's birthday fall on the same day with aunty farah, we gave aunty farah a call and wish her happy birthday.

this totally crack me up.
aunty farah : ehhh thank you thank you.where r u all?
jane :we r all in my hse...
aunty farah :aiyerrr how come ur place be more happening den mine one....u got
boys at ur place.


den we check out d frogs mating.
frogs that jane's dad caught.

den siang's bro come fetch him home...hes a bit pissed and charged siang 100bucks if siang wanted him to fetch him home.


be siang's brother and u'll b rich in no time.


later on faye fetched us to william's to hav a round of mamak.
before that faye dropped jade home cause jade's curfew was 12.45.
adrian can hang around late cause hes parents went outstation.
i can stay out late parents r asleep and my bro's still watching football.

d next day my mum asked me wat time i reach home yesterday.i sed i forgot to check d time....den she sed u must b back by 11.30pm.while i actually reached home when its almost 2am.=p

faye wanted to sit a place where its dark where we can gossip and gossip.
we gossiped at william's while jane's still feeling hyper.

after that, faye fetched me home.=P

jane missed her opening ceremony thing with her dad.instead join this bunch of dudes to play futsal and willing to b a part of d team.
thanks jane.


Dina said...

I Love Jane too!

Call yourself a Dynamitez fan?
You don't even know how to spell Dynamitez. ):

It's D-Y-N-A-M-I-T-E-Z.

Not D-Y-N-A-M-Y-T-E-Z.

MengLeong said...

opps sry.

Dina said...

Chill lah, but you're still a Dynamitez fan at heart right?

You and Weng Fai was at Khing Wei's house at 6am for goodness sakes.

So what the hell, it's just the spelling (:

MengLeong said...

hell yeah.
u know that.

wEngfAi said...

HELL YEAH I LOVE DYNAMITEZZZZ !! we love dina most ! Hahhaa

debra fong said...



MengLeong said...

at least its still better than APEK!!

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