Sunday, February 12, 2006

Softball, the triumph

mssd softball and mssd volleyball clash.
pity me.
i trained so frequent for volleyball...but end up join softball.

for the guys, it was held on the 7,8,9th Feb.

i played muh favourite position, Shotstop =)

1st base = Faza
2nd base = Patrick
3rd base = Zac-Vin
Catcher = E-Yan
Pitcher = Dzul Imran
ShotStop = Me
CenterOF = Mustaza
LeftOF = Nicholas
RighOF = Fauzan

we thrash bukitbintang.13-3
we taupau BU4, 21-5[could have score more!mr chia din let us bat=p]
we beat the unstopable subang, 7-5

so if we beat subang, its like confirm Gold.

on the 2nd day, i fall sick.fever.
stupid weather.
everybody's falling sick.

on d 3rd day, d ex- dj-ians brought us[ethan,zacvin,jeremy,zul imran] to jelutong to hav our lunch.yong meng joined us later on.
i wasnt feeling well and din feel like going..
but i wanted to go cause i want to get panadol from 7 eleven.
kantoi, mr chia din let us to leave the school we cant play.

mr chia was so confident that we can win USJ 23 in the finals, the let the subs play.
when we were losing to USJ 23, out of desperation he sub-ed the good players.
but its too late.

just like last year.keepeng left the school and wasnt back till the match chia didnt let him play.but when d boys r losing, mr chia still sub him in what.but it was too late.

but this year, we r back like hours before the match started.haih.
anyway i cant play, i got fever...

so sadly the Un-18 boys got second
the Un-15 boys got fourth
[last year, me yong meng and all "accidentaly joined softball and we manage to be champions and represented Petaling with just one week training.hahaha.]

the girls are doing great.i dun see y dey cant get gold.go girls!=)

the boys


Nimalan D said...

accident my foot'll lucky only i ask you'll to join.haihzzz

MengLeong said...

haha thanks neway nimalan.