Thursday, March 09, 2006

Right Here Waiting For You-Richard Marx

exams had just went down the drain.
first term exam that is.

the toughness of the first three months of form 4 is no joke.
people who excel in the upper form, i truly salute you all.

catching up with the classes i miss due to softball wasnt easy at all.
pn. yap was really understanding.letting me catch up with work and all...unlike pn. lam.wouldn't wana continue on that though.

despite all the grueling period, its holiday now!

come baby.come to me my beloved holidaysss.
this is the time where i can have some rest and do whatever i "love" to do=)

before this, i wana congratulated Natalia.=)
she won the search for LG ambassador
now she's having a good time at korea now and she's earning big bucks.
coolness. i think everything is going just great for this chiq=)

the one and only, Natalia.(i like her pictures.keke)


i just signed up for Joga3.
its a 3 on 3 by nike.
wana know more?go to
our team name , DYNAMITEZ.haha.

okay it goes like this, the planning of this team was just today and everything was in a rush.and then i call the nike ppl and register.i havent thought of any name that time. when they ask me, i thought of suprememacy.and the first name that flew across my mind was we register as Dynamitez.then i gathered Khairil and Basil for my will be held at Stadium Merdeka, and i suppose there would be really crowded and the presence of media ppl are unexceptional.

yes mann.thats something i wana do for this holiday.

then im gona concentrate on my studies a bit[well i have no choice] and volleyball training.

and i will be going parlimen...

what else, hmmmmm.

haha yeah .wish i got time to go out to 1u and catch a movie though.

Underworld?Final Destination?or anything?

good time.


oohh ohhh !regarding Brokeback Mountain!
its really amazing to turn a love story of gays to so touchy but yeah whatever its a gay movie.i read the synopsis of the movie, i think its quite interesting.thinking of gay, lets go to . as i thought, bryan boy blog bout the movie that made him cried so badly.

i wana watch this show la.[hey im not gay though]
haha dina,u watch ledi?how was the man-on-man action?lol

this is fake.really.[when the girls suggested us to take this picture, siang was all rushing to me.haha.scary.=p]

tell me if anyone wana catch a movie or something!

Whats on my mind right now.

  • football everyday!kick balls!
  • getting fit.[lumps are growing , ass getting abnormally big and its BAD , really BAD]
  • fantasizing the glory of winning the Joga3[altough it seem impossible=p]
  • how lucky Rio Ferdinand is,having being a mad sex rat and had sex with really hot chicks,damn u.
  • how am i goin to survive the grueling rest of form 4.haih, whatever comes , comes.
  • the possibility of being as lucky as weikit[that could rarely happen]
  • fantasizing the real dynamitez team would be there to cheer the "Dynamitez" II fighting for glory at Stadium Merdeka.
  • the possibility of getting lost in KL while looking for Stadium Merdeka and choke to death due to the overwhelming amount of carbon monoxide in long people, i love u all.


..::maymay::.. said...

yerrrr..meng leoooonggg..siang is gay??? EWWWW!!!! =[..i am depressed..

MengLeong said...

haha nolaa

Dina said...

OMG so sweet, you thought of Dynamitez (:

And yes, I've watched Heath & Jake! Trust me, it's more disgusting than Siang and you.

But minus all the anal sex and tongue-ing, it's an awesome movie. Go check it out :D

MengLeong said...

haha thats what i told my fren!forget bout the making out part and its more than just dick going into anus.and i suppose its very nice.haha

wEngfAi said...

Good luck man

MengLeong said...

haha thanks bobo