Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Joga 3


aha great day !
Syabil, Harith, Khairil, Basil, Thian Hong, Chee Yen, Daniel and me went to Stadium Merdeka for Joga3!

i asked those bunch of people to meet at Kelana Jaya Lrt station at 10am.
only syabil and harith turn up at 10, while the rest arrived after the clock pass its half an hour mark.

them waiting for lrt.

i present you, thian hong

him and me.

we went petaling street and ate one tonne mee.[wan tan mee]

since its not halal, khairil, syabil and harith went kfc instead.
after finish eating, we look for cab to stadium merdeka.before that daniel couldnt help himself from entering an entertainment centre altough its pretty late ledi. the damn taxi fella charged us 10 bucks.stadium merdeka is actually damn near to petaling street!kena con. the form 3s hu went took taxi as well and it is only RM2.30.=.=

as soon as we arrive, we saw Jason Lo.he was there...(don't know who's that?too bad=p)

then thian hong and i as we were the team captain for TNT and Dynamitez respectively lined up in a severely compact line.[you can hardly breathe!butt rubbing gainst each other, smelly odour etc.*yuck]

this is what the others r doing while we fighting for oxygen in the line=.=

taking pictures of irrelevant van=.=

a shot of the kl tower.

a shot of an unknown misai guard.

a cool van.

they have nice teeth i tell you.especially khairil[Darlie?=p]

Joga Bonito actually means Play Beautiful in Brazillian language.

The competition goes like this..the duration of the game is 3 minute, 3 players.with really small pitch and small goal.Once you let in a goal, you're OUT.if both the teams draw after 3 minutes, both teams will be OUT.So, if u score goal, your team stay on and the challenger's team will come in challenge you.[cruel rules eh?=p]

the really small goal.stupid people litter everywhere.

If you want to know how we "Dynamitez" did, we actually knock out 9 teams.hehe

this is what we brought home.

a limited edition wristband

a football manifesto

a Brazillian football cd[the chronicles and secret of Brazillian footballers]

an envelope

with this in it.

basil and khairil having a word with the reff before the start of the match

khairil the mighty goal scorer not wasting a shot on his very nice teeth.

haha so sorry for dragging it so long, really busy and all..

check out the crest i created.

visit if you're interested.

guess would just end my post here.

chao the mao
eat some pao
drink kopi kao kao

Joga futebol.


yingxian* said...

haha. update more. i hardly talk to any of you. and i do miss talking to some people. its abit weird, to suddenly not know anything. about nayone. anymore y'know? so that being said, update more !

wEngfAi said...

woI! should have followed u guys man .. I wanna see those brazilian showing off !

MengLeong said...

ying xian : sure sure =)... keep
in touch yah..
bobo :yala sud hav went!damn fun.d
brazillian r damn chun.sigh
bobo,u got dancing practice

yingxian* said...

ahhh : ) we shall : D we shall in deed. :)

MengLeong said...


yingxian* said...

<3 :D

..::maymay::.. said... be damn exclusive siall..will be waiting ....

MengLeong said...

haha may ee din plan to exagerate.

yong meng said...

Hey!! Did u give me chance in Merentas desa??

Come on,it's unbeatable Yong Meng...


MengLeong said...

cologne cancer..