Thursday, April 06, 2006


Statue-Low Millions

this is gona be d post bout my parliament trip.

i'll make it short and simple.

we went to kelana jaya LRT station.
well, we are suppose to reach there at 7.30, i woke up late and i didnt had time to dress up properly in front of the mirror.well im not d latest, edwyn is.=p

stopped at masjid jamek.
went burger king for breakfast..

zac vin took this.hungry ethan.

ethan was really unforgiving towards his breakfast.

our head MCA Public Service and Complain Department Dato Michael Chong's only, and jin huat on the left.

tramautised jane.(she did wrongly for her log book despite her hard effort)sad sad.

then we continued walking.

went tugu negara.haha changed in the park with japanese and other foreigners around.hehe

japanese foreigner : "ahhh haik!tigo ehsu nika tonata.ah eh malaisian ta ke off shirto indi paak"

get my line?heheh^^

took photo bla bla.

went parlimen and to go through really tight security...
found out interesting facts about our parlimen.=p

we appearred in malay mail's paper.^^

it was quite fun actually.

photos coming up soon.=]


Ethan said...

Must you post up the second picture? My food was falling apart then. The first one was bad enough already.

MengLeong said...

haha its just something different.
c'mon la sporting bit.=p