Saturday, April 08, 2006

Dare You To Move-Switchfoot

its jessica's bday party!

it all happened at Maroon,

damn, i am lazy to write bout it, i'll just post up photos.

early birds.(jesse-yien-siang-me-jane)


we are so sexist really, guy girl sit separately.

all guys.(kitweng-nigel-jesse-yewweng-adrian-siang-weikit-yongmeng-me-jebat-bobo)

i might sound so pathetic, but this is what i call yummy in my term.gorgeous or enchanting in siang's term.haha.
thanks dina for the intro,although we r so pathetic.haha.lurve ya dina=)


Ethan said...

Sadistic means someone who enjoys seeing other people suffer. How does that connect?

MengLeong said...

damn gay wei you actually read every single word i type?
applause for you.
thanks for correcting anyway.

Wei Kit. said...

It's Ethan weih!
Gay Tay.

Dina said...

OMG Ash is gonna be F-R-E-A-K-E-D.
You weirdos.

MengLeong said...

>.< i admit we r kinda freaky.
especially weikit.
but she sud know we hav no bad intentions...:)