Thursday, April 13, 2006

Board of Directors, 04/05 & 05/06


its our LEO lunch for the current and past is a custom to have it annually, and we planned pretty long to work out one simple meal cause so many people were involved and its hard to suit everyone's activities.our lunch was held at Italianies.

food ok la, but frankly, i rather eat hawker food than italian food.d expensive prices just make me couldnt enjoy those food.i bet the same goes for u all?

sadly nimalan, my bro melissa, hui jean and some others din turn up.....but less people, more share of food.hehehe

i ordered Casablanca[it was reaally nice], and ate Lasagne,Cabonara,Pizza,Pasta.haha not all by myself of course, we shared.

photos here.haha Lion Christopher was so formal, just like taking for class photo.haha.but organised is good isnt it.

the current board.haha but kein yew isnt, he was the past.

everyone(the world is getting dominated by ladies!O.O!this picture is a very good prove)

here are some pictures we took at our Annual General Meeting.

wai and leong.

result of over-acting cute.haha poor liyan.

wai - puiyean - leong.

so long for now.



..::maymay::.. said...

EH!!!i helped u choose casablanca!! lol...nvm nvm..

MengLeong said...

aha thanks may ee.

debra fong said...

what post did u get?=)

MengLeong said...

haha haven get yet...hoping for vice-president.

Nimalan D said...

darn it..damn sad la miss the lunch.see you'll like so much fun

MengLeong said...

aiks nimalan, was hoping u were there man.
go yamcha some other time, or futsal when ur free.just give me a call and we can catch up with things.=)

Nimalan D said...

Ahha anytime man anytime you want.why never go futsal that day with us man?of course better for us la come kena trashing more

MengLeong said...

haha u good in making jokes.hehe

MengLeong said...