Thursday, August 31, 2006

Merdeka Structure.

time sacrificed,sweat, rain, sore hands, sunburn, hammering, Mentos for 6 days.

finally, we finished this.

yeah, you can bet the structure is strong.

everyone looking good.


Y i C h I n G said...

i feel like climbing to the top of the structure and then .. *jumpity jumpy jump* =)

yingxian* said...

hahahahah niceeee. : ) good jobbb scouttss! : )

MengLeong said...

yiching-lets go on it before we remove the structure!


Anonymous said...

you hardly even help the structure.

MengLeong said...

another anonymous.
how loserfied.
use your own name la.
your parents figured so hard to give a name and you would prefer to address yourself as anonymous?

so?i did not say i did the most work around.
at least i know i helped.
suck up.

ps:you dont help the structure, you BUILT it.

Ethan said...

Anon: Don't be a dickhead. Please. He came wednesday, thursday, friday, and motherfucking saturday la fuckhead. I have this gut feeling you're a younger piece of shit who doesn't know how to respect his seniors, yet.I'm giving free lessons. And if you aren't, who are you to judge? Even if you're someone whose words hold water in the troop, it's still not right. Grow up.

SianG said...

Anonymous: Fuck You.. Next time if u wanna post a comment be more brave...dun be a stupid dickhead or you will be a failure forever

kikie* said...

booyahh the structure`s finally done!wha- they're gonna remove it? =\ it looks lyk a nice playground lah.
guess it was worth all that work ..and hole-in-your-fav-pants. bwaha.

kikie* said...

anonymous, you`re pathetic.
and i pity you.

on 2nd thought, i don`t.
get some balls to use ur own name.
pain in the butt, you.

MengLeong said...

yes!torn my fav white pants!:(

Ethan said...

Siang, you're funny even when you're insulting people. And I actually bothered to wonder how May Ee goes through all that. Hilarious la, you.

kikie* said...

well now u can wear em to bed. no more outings for bimbim`s fancywhitepants.=P