Saturday, August 05, 2006

Achieve it.

Move Along-All American Rejects

Random Facts For The Day.

  • Team DanielTan, which consist of Daniel, ChinFatt, CheeYen, Basil, Khairil, Jesse and me emerged as Champions for this year's LEO futsal tournament, beating Arvindra's team at the Finals.won by 3-0
  • Last 2 years, my team was the Champion of the LEO futsal tournament beating Arvindra's team at the Finals as well.won by 2-0
  • LiWei runs really fast.
  • LiWei is faster than Lee Jane.
  • My knees felt like its gona break any moment
  • Jesse is the NINJA GOALIE.
  • Jebat shaved his moustache.
  • Basil has posters of Jessica Alba in his room.(lucky man.)
  • I love weedgrass juice.
  • Joanne Pereira is migrating to U.K.
  • Chern Jie is migrating to Nigeria
  • May Ee is strong.
  • Chin Fatt's thigh muscle is bigger than your head(Not EeKeen's)
  • Khairil, Chin Fatt , Chee Yen, Daniel and countless number of people got muscle cramp today during the tournament.
  • The volleyball jersey stinks.
  • Ipoh's white coffee and curry mee are DAMN good.
  • Dynamitez audition took place today.
  • Bobo promoted "Teamwork" with his t-shirt today.
  • Tigress is so cute=).
  • Khy Li's blog is happening.
  • Penang is a paradise for food lover.
  • I love asam laksa.
  • Some Subang Jaya dude asked me bout Dina.
  • SerSiang runs slower than LeeJane.
  • YongMeng loves Stephanie.
  • JoeShen scored a nice goal today.
  • Joanne Pereira admires Mogan(alot)
  • I like my Kesatria relay team.(Patrick.YeeKeng.E-Yan.Ley-Vin.Me)
  • Some La Salle dude humped another La Salle dude real hard today.(Guy school..?)
  • I proved unbeatable YongMeng is beatable.
  • I reached the finishing line for 400m before YongMeng.
  • I had lunch at 5 something today.
  • The wound on my elbow and knee look like sliced red juicy strawberry.
  • WeiKit isnt farting that OFTEN.
  • Ethan is widely known as the PORNSTAR.
  • KitWeng the Kitty has 6 very sexy sisters.(PussycatDolls)
  • Kirsten is known as BumBum to me.
  • ZacVin is still hoping Christmas comes early(so that Santa can give him his 8 packs)
  • I think eating fried chicken everyday is VERY VERY bad for health and very fattening.
  • The number of white hair on Boon's hair is as many as the times u blinked per day.
  • I felt like a dwarf standing in the middle of Paul, Jackson and JoelPrashant.
  • Arvindra is a nice dude.
  • FootyFutsal's courts are awful.
  • Italians use Mercedez for taxi and Lamborgini for Police car.(only a number of them not all)
  • Italy is the origin of Ferrari.
  • I'm jealous of Nigel.
  • Joyce is "The Form 1". hahaha^^
  • Machello played futsal last friday and complained he was out of breath due to the very hot and humid surrounding of the futsal court.
  • Machello's defending is good(the Italian way of defending..?).very good indeed.And he scored quite a lot when we played futsal.
  • Refering to my chest, my left square is bigger than my right.
  • I need a girlfriend.

too many facts.=p


Just got this picture from YiChing.=)

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4x400m . [Vincent, your spikes!=)]
im proud of my relay team members.
we were damn good.
but cause of some stupid shit we were disqualified.
we did win inside our own heart.
Patrick, E-Yan, Ley-Vin , u all had made this thing a memorable one.
This picture will always remind me to go all the way for next year.


Ethan said...

"Chin Fatt's thigh muscle is bigger than your head(Not EeKeen's)"


MengLeong said...

his muscle is HUGE!

Y i C h I n G said...

Psssst! My fave is fact number 19. ;)

And I disagree with the fact that follows right after it.
-Khy Li's blog is happening- =(

..::maymay::.. said...

haahhaha....super random...

but the joanne migrating to uk made me cry again...super emofied....='[

MengLeong said...

lol Yi Ching, it was what other people said in ur bro's blog:p.

Tan May Ee, im pretty sure most of us felt the same.

Dina said...

Eh. What Subang Jaya dude?

And by the way, Yien&Cheryl not joining Dynamitez isn't a proven fact yet.

We'll just have to wait and see.

So, Yien & Cher, what will it be?

MengLeong said...

he just ask me,
"dina chun anot."
i replied,
"of course."

the cheryl yien thing is wat cheryl told me herself..

Jehc said...


MengLeong said...


Ethan said...

You're a FUCKING HORNY NINJA BOY, Jesse, not just a ninja.

Wei Kit. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wei Kit. said...

Yea man. I second what Ethan said.

Sorry, past few days stomach ache in school.
Hence, the reduced amount of gas.

I don't think you all would wanna know that, but who cares.
I think Ethan does :D

thefrenchketchupqueens said...

haha....we shall wait and see.

yet to talk to my parents,lets hope it goes well.

MengLeong said...

Less gas.
Good news, people of 4 Cengal!

Cheryl may ur decision be wise:).

Jehc said...


MengLeong said...

jesse is not horny..?
just curious i suppose.

Ethan said...

Yea right. He's as "curious" as Bryanboy is straight la.

debra fong said...


i find him quite the irritating.
no offence=)

Ong Khy Li said...

Good facts!! Sister! Shuddup!! Oh yea.. Jesse? Ninja goalie?! Fuck it!! Lousy goalie is what he is!!

Y i C h I n G said...

Aaaah. Brother! You shaddup too! =)

Anonymous said...

brother sister fight...
tats a first time....
it isn...

Jehc said...